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Choosing the Best Tweezers? Ask Yourself These Three Questions

  • June 21, 2016
  • By Grace
Choosing the Best Tweezers? Ask Yourself These Three Questions

Let’s be honest: not too many of us get particularly excited when it’s time to bust out a pair of tweezers. Unfortunately, most people would probably associated the term “tweezers” with “pain.”

Whether you’re plucking your eyebrows or removing a splinter from your finger, using a pair of tweezers is a pretty straightforward process. However, consider  that not all tweezers are created equally.

In fact, you can take some pain out of your personal hygiene routine by choosing the right pair of tweezers based on your needs.

In order to pick the proper pair of tweezers, you’re going to need to ask yourself three questions:

  • How often to do I need to use tweezers?
  • What am I primarily using my tweezers for?
  • Do I need multiple pairs of tweezers?

These questions may seem menial; however, considering how frequently tweezers are used to maintain our personal hygiene, a worthwhile pair can save us from unnecessary pain and wasted time. How so?

Tweezers are mostly used to pluck eyebrows, remove splinters and deal with ingrown hairs. Since different tweezers serve vastly different purposes, you’ll need to know which type of tweezers is best for you.


Eyebrow Tweezers

What some of us wouldn’t give to be able to painlessly pluck eyebrow hairs, right? Fortunately, one of the keys elements to preventing pain comes in our choice of tweezers.

As slant-tip tweezers are cut at an angle, they are considered the best option for plucking eyebrows. Such tweezers are crafted for precision and are capable of plucking from small areas. Meanwhile, pointed tip and pointed slant-tip tweezers are ideal for targeting single hairs. Many of slant-tips are made with stainless steal heads, offering an affordable yet durable option for plucking.

Avoid tweezers with rounded heads as they may result in pinching. Since rounded head tweezers are unable to target areas as specific as slant-tips, they are not ideal for plucking eyebrows.

Tweezers for Splinters

Splinter removal can be seriously painful, especially if the splinter is deep enough to cause bleeding. There are numerous ways to remove splinters; however, a proper pair of tweezers is ideal versus using our fingers or household items such as a pair of credit cards.

Precision is the name of the game when removing splinters; therefore, pointed-tip tweezers are the way to go. The sharp point of pointed-tip tweezers help to to grip the smallest point of the splinter, meanwhile causing little or no damage to the surrounding skin.

Again, pointed-tip tweezers are often made from stainless steel, meaning they won’t rust. Since sterilizing your tweezers is important to preventing infection, pointed-tips are definitely your best bet for removing splinters.

Tweezers for Ingrown Hairs
What about painlessly plucking ingrown hairs?

Again, pointed-tip tweezers are your best bet. With their needle-nose design, pointed-tips are capable of digging into the skin without causing unnecessary pain. While the sharp points of such tweezers may seem intimidating, they’re your best bet for clamping down on even the smallest hairs without pinching. Avoid tweezers with plastic heads for ingrown hairs, as they are often incapable of the grip provided by a stainless steel head.

There’s a lot more to a pair of tweezers than meets the eye. Take some pain out of your regular hygiene routine by investing in a proper pair of tweezers based on your personal needs.


By Grace, June 21, 2016
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