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Nab a natty kitchen: try this guide

  • March 12, 2015
  • By Grace
Nab a natty kitchen: try this guide

You’ve got the culinary credibility of Nigella Lawson, the blustering confidence of Gordon Ramsay and the hyper-fresh ingredients of an organic expert – but your kitchen is about as classy as a Blackpool hen night.

Pots and pans are strewn along the floor, your cupboards are crammed with ingredients and you’ve got zero preparation space to craft your finest meals.

It’s time to take off the chef’s hat and put on your builder’s helmet. Your kitchen needs an interior design overhaul – and we’ve got the perfect tips for you.


Mix and mats

Changing your manky linoleum is pricey, irritating and, if you’re prone to making a foodie mess, a bit of a waste of time.

And you don’t have to raise your lino to replace it with something gleaming and new. Instead, invest in a few kitchen mats to cover any messy hotspots.

Completely machine washable, you’ll be able to use and reuse your mats no matter what stains you lump on them.

Space race

Finding cupboard and preparation space in a dinky kitchen can sometimes feel as likely as flying a rocket to a unicorn-shaped moon.

But you don’t have to build an extension to find room for cooking. Get your hammer and nails out and fashion some makeshift shelves on any empty wall space. Combine this with a few free-standing shelves and you’ll have more room than you know what to do with.

As for preparation space, why not put a prep table in your living room? That way, you’ll be able to watch the telly while you chop your fruit and veg.


Back to basics

You probably have all manner of doodads and gizmos in your kitchen – the type of thing that seemed like an ace purchase, but soon gathered dust.

Electric vegetable peelers, grills specialising in rare meats, bread makers that only respond to specific types of wholegrain – they’re partly marketed on their obscurity, but you’ll never see a pro using one.

So, it’s time to go back to basics. Invest in a series of top-notch white goods and utensils. The poor craftsperson blames their tools – make sure you’re adept with yours.

Conserve your energy

Energy efficiency is the watchword for any new appliance – does it lower your carbon footprint? Will it chop your energy bills? Will it make your peace-loving beatnik hippy-dippy friends satisfied?

Although it might cost a little more than your standard fridge, finding an eco-conservative appliance is simple. The government have a system in place that rates efficiency from A to G, so you can pick up a fridge or oven knowing you’re not destroying the planet.

By Grace, March 12, 2015
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