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Would You Consider an Artificial Grass Lawn?

  • February 3, 2016
  • By Grace
Would You Consider an Artificial Grass Lawn?

One of the biggest trends in the garden design sphere in the past year or so is the use of artificial grass to create beautiful, realistic looking lawns. If you were thinking artificial grass was just that cartoonish-ly green stuff you see on sports fields and tennis courts, then you may well be amazed by how beautiful the latest generations of artificial grass by companies like Grono look, and of course, they do come with a range of benefits that live lawns do not.

If you are on the fence or think live lawns are still the way to go, consider some of these points about artificial grass:


Low Maintenance Is Not Just About Laziness!

You may think it sounds a little bit lazy to replace your real grass with artificial grass just so you don’t have to mow or water it, but it comes down to a lot more than that. For some people, like elderly people, mowing the lawn can range from being physically difficult to impossible, and for people with properties like second or holiday homes, they may not be at the house often enough to keep the lawn looking neat themselves. In these cases, the homeowners could end up with an overgrown wilderness for a lawn, which of course the neighbours won’t appreciate, or have to pay money for someone else to come and do the job regularly for them. Of course, even if you do technically have the time and strength to mow your lawn, in the summer when it seems to need constant attention, can’t you think of hundreds of ways you would rather be enjoying your outdoor space?


Environmental Benefits

Water conservation seems to become a big issue every summer, and barely a year goes by without a hosepipe ban stopping us from keeping our lawns as green and hydrated as they want to be! Because artificial grass doesn’t need water, you can end up saving an awful lot of it over the course of a year, and given these lawns can last for as long as two decades, that can make a real difference. Additionally, you won’t need to power a mower or use any kind of potentially harmful fertilizer, meaning your artificial lawn is green in more ways than one.

More Practical to Use

You want to let your kids or pets play on the lawn, but you don’t want to mess it up with big divots and chunks missing from where they do. You want to lie there in the sun, but hay fever symptoms start to drive you crazy. None of this is a problem with an artificial lawn, which is more resilient and can even be more comfortable to walk or sit on than real grass.

While the idea of using artificial grass may seem odd to some people, it is actually a very good modern solution, which saves time and water and lets you use the garden exactly how you want to.

By Grace, February 3, 2016
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