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Best Lights for Model Hobbyists

  • April 27, 2021
  • By Grace
Best Lights for Model Hobbyists

Do you complete most of your railroad or scale models indoors or at night?

It might be time to invest in new lighting. Whether you need more LED lights for your models themselves or overhead lighting for you to see what you’re doing, finding the right lights takes consideration.

If you’re out of sunlight but need something like it, a full spectrum light is your answer. When your model train needs a new light, you’ll need to inspect it using a key light and a new LED light.

Wondering what lighting’s right for you? Professional hobbyists use the following methods to illuminate their models. Continue reading to find out more.

Full Spectrum Lights

The best lighting for hobbyists is natural sunlight.

Because of its broad spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet wavelengths, sunlight is practical lighting for all situations and especially for detailed projects that scale model hobbyists complete.

However, if your workspace is indoors and you find yourself working on your model late at night, you won’t have access to natural sunlight for optimum performance.

The closest thing to natural sunlight is full spectrum lights, which render color and match the brightness of the sun. Installing a full spectrum light at your workstation will be the best thing you do as it’ll light up your project extremely well.

If you’re not able to reach natural sunlight often, full spectrum lights are your companion.

Key or LED Lights

Key lights are simply a light source meant to highlight and single out one aspect of your project. Key lights can be made out of anything, such as a phone or physical flashlight, a lamp, or an LED light meant to hold attention.

Whether you need a key light to shine over your project while you’re working or an LED light to complete your set, putting lighting in the right places will help you complete your project.

If you’re focusing on a minuscule detail but need a specific, sharp light above your work, invest in a hanging or bending single light. This will allow you to move the lighting where you need it in order to finish up details.

An LED light can be used for anything throughout your project, including supplying storefront windows with lamps or completing a police car with its appropriate red-and-blue lights. When looking for the perfect LED light to complete your project, browse Evan Designs to find the one you need.

Magnification Lights

If you’re a model railroad hobbyist, you’ll find that magnification is your best friend.

Having the ability to closely work with and inspect your model with a magnifying glass is usually needed, but physically holding a magnifier can be difficult to manage.

Detailing your work takes precision and both hands–so your magnifier should be hands-free. Magnification lights come in handy for both the illumination and magnification of your project.

Investing in the right magnification light will show you how beneficial it is to have a magnifying light above your workspace. A suspended light with magnification will make your hobby that much more relaxing and rewarding.

Finding the Perfect Lighting to Suit All Hobbyists

Building your model takes dedication and time–but you need lighting to complete the project. Install one of these lighting methods today and see how great your work turns out.

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By Grace, April 27, 2021
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