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Little Modernist is a site designed to bring you the best of minimal life.

We want to help you sort out your finances, ensure your family life is going well, inspire you to travel, get your home in check and, of course, make sure you’re as healthy as can be.

Why Minimal Living?

We’ve become a society of consume, consume, CONSUME.

Many of us make poor financial decisions – put quite simply we spend more than we earn. Beyond that, we often neglect those who are around us for the technology in our lives, whether it’s on our smartphones, laptops or even the TV. There is a slow movement away from technology and mass consumption, towards a more simple style of life.

The Modernist is designed to help you make the most of technology and improvements in our modern life, while finding a good balance. It is a lifestyle magazine, but with a mindful approach to some of the consequences of our modern lives.

About Little Modernist
This site is designed to help you live your best life. We know how overwhelming life can be, so we have designed this blog to focus on the essentials: how to get ahead financially, how to improve your health and fitness, and how to make the most of your free time.
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