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How to Date Effectively and Find Your Love

  • May 23, 2016
  • By Grace
How to Date Effectively and Find Your Love

Being single has its advantages. Apart from having much time to improve yourself and do what you like, you can use this period thinking about your ideal relationship. Irrespective of whether you’re single because your previous relationship failed or you haven’t met the right person yet, you must want to learn how you can find the person with whom you’ll build a long-lasting relationship. Here few tips by Ukrainian Women Dating Agency.


Have an Open Mind
Many singles succumb to the common myths that circulate in the world of single people. So the first thing to do on your way towards happy dating and relationships is to detect and get rid of all misconceptions. Some people think that it’s better to be in a bad relationship than in none. Being with somebody just not to be alone even if it’s a wrong person is the best example of an unhealthy relationship that will never be lasting and fulfilling. Another example also deals with dating the wrong person when one person hopes to change the other partner. Grown-up people rarely change, so you need to look for the mature person with whom you have a lot of common. Some people blame their psychological background for being unsuccessful in relationships with the opposite sex. They believe that their problem stems from not having a good example of a happy relationship in their childhood and adolescence. Everything depends on you and you are the one who can change your attitudes and behavioral patterns. You just need some time and persistence.


Know What You Want
It’s totally normal to have your own set of requirements for your potential partner but the main thing is to prioritize them. If you have a list of traits that you expect to find in your partner, you need to decide which of them are just desirable and which ones are a must. To the first category belong such things as your potential partner’s appearance, behavior, occupation, etc. In other words, all those features that are desirable and that can be easily ignored if that person has the traits that are a must. While the first category is rather superficial, the second one should contain your real needs. Those should be the personal qualities, values, goals of your potential date and partner. It takes some time to understand that a person possesses these traits, so having a small talk or viewing a person’s profile you’ll be able to find out only superficial information about this particular man or woman. Those essential traits will reveal themselves while dating and getting to know a person better.

When you meet a person and you start dating, you enter into the initial stage of a relationship. This is the period when you learn the person and decide whether it will go somewhere. If the connection is established, you’ll go to the next stage; if not, then you should keep looking for your soul mate. Dating is a real challenge for those who’s been out of the dating scene for a while or experienced many failures before. In order not to repeat the same mistakes use the following tips.

  • Make a good start.
    You should understand that nobody’s perfect and trying to conceal your flaws is pointless because sooner or later they will be revealed. We all want to seem better than we really are especially when we meet new people. If you expect to have a healthy and successful relationship, let your partner know about your weak points or bad habits. It’s not that you should shout about them, just don’t pretend. Being frank, you’ll make sure that your date accepts you for who you’re. Moreover, your honesty will encourage him or her to be upright with you too.
  • Focus on your date.
    You may have a lot of thoughts and expectations before your date. But once you show up, dismiss your nervousness and enjoy the moment. Be genuinely interested in your date. Ask those questions that will help you get to know each other better but don’t turn it into a job interview. Since people like to talk about themselves, ask your date about his or her travel experiences, hobbies, things that make them happy, etc. Communication is the only way to realize whether there is a connection between you two, so make sure you have an easy-going conversation in a comfortable atmosphere. Spice your rendezvous with a bit of humor – it always acts as a great connector.
  • Have fun.
    Although dating can become the first stage of your perfect relationship, you shouldn’t set unreal expectations going out with somebody. View dating as an opportunity to meet new people and test your feelings and needs. Choose interesting venues for the dates and always go out in a good mood.
  • Cherish your relationship.
    Any relationship can survive and thrive only if two people work on it together. When people date for a while, they get comfortable with each other and start taking their relationship for granted. This is one of the reasons why people break up after a few months or even years. Remember that relationship is not a gift from above, it’s the result of your constant work.
By Grace, May 23, 2016
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