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How To Feel Safe Using Your Android

  • May 24, 2017
  • By Grace
How To Feel Safe Using Your Android

Our phones have become increasingly more convenient. We can use our phones to check our emails, shop and even pay bills. But with the convenience comes the added risk of being hacked. Experts say that the chances of a private phone being hacked are constantly increasing. However, you can definitely do things to help protect yourself form hackers and malware. Here is a bit more information on what you can do to feel safer using your Android:

Get An Antivirus App: There are a variety of free Android antivirus apps available. When downloading an app, be sure that it comes from a reliable source and that it will work with your phone. For instance, you can download the AVG AntiVirus app, which has a great reputation and will work with most Androids, through Google Play.


Update and Enable: Make sure that your antivirus app and your phone’s operation system are updated and are running smoothly. Failing to download updates is one of the most common reasons that smartphone users get hacked. You should also be sure to enable safety features that exist on your phone or through your antivirus app, including password protection and data encryption.

Get Picky with Your Settings: Make sure that you only allow your phone to connect to secured networks, turn off the “discoverable” feature on your blue tooth, and do not allow apps that you do not trust access to your email, passwords, or information. In many cases, hackers can use any of these things to help them gain access to an unsecured mobile device. Controlling how your data is displayed and who sees it will give you an extra level of protection.

While hackers are getting better at infiltrating phones, mobile companies are working hard to provide you with protection through antivirus apps and data encryption. Be sure to stay updated on the latest trends to ensure that you, and your phone, are protected. The best way is to download a free android antivirus apps.

By Grace, May 24, 2017
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