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15 Impressive Web Layouts with Vector Illustrations

  • March 13, 2017
  • By Grace
15 Impressive Web Layouts with Vector Illustrations

Vector illustrations have a way to turn a plain and ordinary design into something eye pleasing. While photos can offer a nice visual appeal, there is something to be said about the capabilities of graphic design. With vector illustrations, the imagination takes the reigns delivering possibilities that photographs simply cannot duplicate.

When websites are made with Joomla hosting, developers have extensive control of customization. What makes this platform ideal is that a site owner doesn’t need to know how to code to develop something visually stunning.

Below are 15 of the most impressive web layouts that use vector illustrations. Think of them as methods of inspiration to develop a website.

1. Inservio

The Inservio website is a great example of using vector illustration to give a website more visual appeal. In this website, the navigation also becomes part of the background as the clouds are used to access areas of the site. The design makes use of shading techniques and basic colors as part of the aesthetics.

2. Pralinen Schachtel

In Pralinen Schachtel, the designer takes vector illustrations to greater levels. Not only are the graphics well developed for the header, but the aspect of blurring items in the background give it more of a realistic impression. From the bark of the trees to the details in the bench, it’s easy to tell the designer took his or her time with this piece.


3. Where Is My Milk From?

The website, “Where Is My Milk From?” utilizes a larger header depicting a milk truck seemingly driving away from a barn in the early morning. This is another site that utilizes website control within the image itself. For instance, a plus button rests next to the farm where visitors can look up their dairy code for more information.

4. Lost World’s Fairs

Lost World’s Fairs not only uses vector illustrations, but there is a fun interaction when visitors scroll through the website. It starts off with a person in an elevator-type device who is submerged further into the ocean. At various depths, information is provided about the organization until “Atlantis” is reached at the bottom.

5. Pixel Wrapped

This simple design just depicts two assumed freelancers sitting behind computer monitors. Pixel Wrapped also demonstrates a bit of animation as a cat’s tail is flicking as it rests on the freelancer’s desk. This site shows how vector illustrations can be mixed with parallax design as scrolling causes some of the images to flip.

6. Piipe Online

Piipe Online uses a large single vector image as its homepage of a fish submerged deep in the water. This design also makes use of interactivity by making “chat” bubbles from the fish responsive to mouse-overs. These bubbles are the site’s primary navigation menu making the layout easy to use.

7. Doorstep Dairy

The second “milk” related website in this list, Doorstep Dairy uses both vector illustration as well as animation within the background of the site. An interactive “play” button rests in the center which brings up a YouTube video regarding milk. Scrolling through the site, visitors can easily access informative information from an easy to manage grid layout of interactive images.


8. Dean Oakley

In this portfolio website, Dean Oakley creates a seemingly floating landscape with a few elements of life. Not only is the full-size header developed well, but the site also uses an unorthodox method of scrolling. Instead of moving down a page, visitors pull the content from right to left while the background vector remains fixed.

9. K4 Laboratory

The K4 Laboratory has a simple homepage utilizing a highly detailed image in its center. Animations of digital fireflies flutter around a beautifully created centerpiece of a tree and the company logo. Once users click on a language preference, they are taken to a page that is very artistic as colorful flowers and images stretch across the top.

10. Drupal Con DC

Although this site was developed for the 2009 Drupal Convention in Washington DC, it still has a visual appeal. The header layout is reminiscent of the city of Washington DC using architectural elements as well as the capitol building in the background. Digital billboards and flying banners are included as ad space.

11. Studio 7 Designs

The header at Studio 7 Designs is a simple illustration that depicts the Northern Lights over a forest with a slight mountainous background. As the company logo is that of a bear, the entire scheme comes together insinuating the North American wild lands. The site includes various other illustrations for thumbnails as well as sketch images representing testimonials.

12. Bear CSS

Bear CSS placates to developers as the vector illustration of the “bear” has a utility belt filled with tools. It gives the impression of construction, which is what web design is in the digital world. As CSS is the base of website design, the image of a building’s foundation in front of the bear drives the point home.

13. Yes Insurance

Although Yes Insurance no longer accepts new policies, the site’s layout delivers a style of parallax design with animated backgrounds. The image along the base remains stationary as the main content of the site plays the part of a scrolling background, which is different than many layouts on the Internet.

14. Rocket Lance

Rocket Lance uses a fairly basic vector illustration as its header. It’s a full-width layout that insinuates distance by altering colors for background elements. To give the site continuity, the footer of the site also uses a full-width layout to pick up where the header graphic left off.

15. Absolute Bica

Absolute Bica uses a basic header of an image sitting in the middle of a field surrounded by trees and sky. One of the interactive elements of this site is that the vector header changes to what the visitor wants to see by using a theme selector. Sunrise, afternoon, sunset and night can all be viewed with a click of the mouse.

While Joomla hosting may be the foundation of developing a stunning website, it’s the visual appeal that will make the difference. In fact, many people will have a negative impression of the site based on what it looks like. Deliver something attractive and engaging for visitors and improve how others interact with the site.

By Grace, March 13, 2017
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