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Here Are Three Ideas You Might Have Rejected too Soon

  • July 23, 2021
  • By Grace
Here Are Three Ideas You Might Have Rejected too Soon

There is nothing wrong with rejecting bad ideas. Let’s face it: There are more bad ideas than good ones. If you just randomly reject ideas, you will be making a brilliant decision more often than not. Tim Cook once boasted that Apple says a thousand nos for every yes. This seems like a pretty good notion. Even if the idea isn’t terrible, it might be a terrible idea for you to run with it. You don’t have infinite resources. You can’t chase every good idea or be in every market. 

You know this intuitively in your everyday life. If you have to manage chronic pain, you might have rejected CBD solutions without fully knowing all the CBD benefits. Many people make snap judgements while only having partial information that is not always very reliable. If you deal with chronic pain long enough, you will run into pain specialists who recommend CBD products. You have heard many positive testimonials from people who used to suffer worse than you do now. It is an idea worth revisiting. The same is true for your business. There are many ideas you rejected. It might have even been a good thing to reject them at the time. But things change and it is time for a rethink, especially for the following ideas:

Expanding Your Home Business out of the Home

When you started that home business, you were only in it for a little extra money. It was nothing more than a side-hustle that turned out to be very successful. You never intended to treat it like a real business or try to make real money from it. You sensibly promised yourself that if it started getting in the way of your real job, you would drop it like a bad habit. That made perfect sense all the way up to the point where it didn’t.

It is time to rethink the status of that side-hustle and consider moving the business from your kitchen into the real world. Some of the greatest businesses in the world started either by accident as a side-hustle, or as a matter of desperation. When you find the thing you do in addition to your job becomes more rewarding than your actual job, it is time to reconsider what your real job is. Post-pandemic, your real job might never return to its former glory. Self-employment might be the best bad idea that ever happened to you.

Using a Staffing Service

In the old days, they were called temp-agencies. And they came to have a negative connotation. These days, staffing services might be the salvation of the healthcare industry. You might find that a staffing service can do the same for you. Right now, your business might be too small to hire employees. Bringing on full-time staff is one of the biggest risks you will take early on. You don’t have to take it at all if you get your talent on a temporary basis from a staffing service.

Today’s staffing service covers all fields. It is not just a matter of finding someone to keep the office clean. It is also a matter of finding your next project manager, coder, doctor, and other skilled labor in high-profile professions. If you thought that staffing services were a bad idea at one point, it is past time you revisited that idea for the sake of your business. 

Hiring Seniors

There was a time that seniors were highly respected, then they were highly disrespected. It is past time for the pendulum to swing the other way and stay there. Seniors are not just the backbone of society, they are the people with the most life experience, professional experience, and wisdom. There is also the simple fact that seniors are living longer than ever and have more life to offer to your company. Many seniors have a lifetime of experience and would be happy to find something to do with it. You can make a real difference to them. And they can make an even bigger difference to your business.

Continue to reject bad ideas. But keep an open mind about ideas you have rejected such as making your home business into a real business, using a staffing service, and hiring seniors and giving them the respect they are due.

By Grace, July 23, 2021
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