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How taking an IT Course can Launch your Career

  • June 27, 2016
  • By Grace
How taking an IT Course can Launch your Career

Computing and IT has become an inextricable part of our lives, and understanding the way that software and computers were, what they can do and how they impact society is an important part of educating yourself to be a contributing member of the 21st century.

Computing is a valuable skill. While some people will take an IT course with the goal of ending up at Microsoft or Google, others will take it to improve their skills and give them the confidence to apply for certain jobs in the future.

Fewer students than ever are currently taking STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), and this is leading to a shortage of qualified, motivated software developers and IT specialists. This means that these jobs are high in demand and therefore people who choose to go into IT can have a successful career with a high earning potential.

Choosing IT courses that are specialised in different topics will allow students to gain the skills they need to kickstart a career in IT, places like Global Knowledge Network offer a number of different ones which will not only benefit the individual but also the organisation they go on to work at as well.

There are many reasons why a student may want to take one of these courses. A career in IT opens the door to many different opportunities such as:


Low Cost

Compared to many other industries with similar earning power, IT has a low cost of education since you don’t need to get a 4 year degree to get qualified and can instead get a certificate- saving you huge money that you would otherwise need to spend on university.

Fast changing industry

The IT industry is operating at a much faster speed than any other industry, and that’s evident as we see how quickly technology continues to change. This is one of the reasons why there is always a significant demand for people who have trained in IT and with innovations in cybersecurity, big data and cloud computing, you’ll have many different avenues to choose and grow from.

Since you’ll never stop learning and you’ll need to constantly stay on top of the latest trends in technology in order to be successful, this is a career that will keep you constantly challenged and motivated.


Excellent income

It’s well known that professionals in the IT and software development industry are paid well, especially at the moment. Once you have a good mix of experience and certifications you can find a position in either the private or public sector, and many companies have recently been extensively hiring people who are experts in network security, cyber security and cloud computing to enhance their systems.

This is a career that is perfect for millennials interested in changing technology and wanting to start a career.

By Grace, June 27, 2016
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