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How to Create a Home Office You Will Want to Work in

  • February 16, 2018
  • By Grace
How to Create a Home Office You Will Want to Work in

The home office. It’s where all the magic happens, and where we are able to focus on the important things. Of course, not every home office is the tranquil escape from the rest of the world that it should be, and many of us are left with a sparse and sterile room that are necessarily conducive to productivity and comfort. To help rekindle the fire between you and your workspace, here are five top tips for creating a home office that you will actually want to work in.

Keep Things Organised. Organisation is the key to success, and the old saying goes that a tidy room is a tidy mind. It could not be truer for your home office. When you have everything sorted out neatly and correctly, you will find that you are more productive and efficient. Find fun and innovative ways to create storage in your office and ensure that you buy big and spacious bookshelves so that you never have to overstuff them. Plus, a neat and orderly office will look very professional during video calls.


Make Sure It’s Distraction Free. Distractions are your worst enemy, and your home office should be free from them. Keep the television out of the office and ensure that your video games are locked away until you have a break. Of course, some people enjoy background noise when they work – just make sure it’s not something too engaging. Relaxing classical music is always a sure bet. Free yourself from distractions and you will work more efficiently.

Get Personal. Bring a little of yourself to the office. Put some personal effects on your desk that will make you feel more comfortable and motivated. Personalised stationery, such as engraved pens, can make you feel more professional and successful. As soon as you pick that pen up, you will start to believe in the success of both you and your company.

Make Sure You Have Enough Light. Light is so important to any space and yet it seems to be the first thought to stick your desk in a dark corner with no light. Don’t do this! You need natural light, not only because it helps to brighten the room, but also because it stops you from feeling like you are stuck in some office cubicle. Place your desk near the window and enjoy the sun. You should also invest in a few lamps for the darker hours of the day for a good level of brightness that overhead lighting simply cannot achieve.

Buy Some Plants. It’s no secret that plants make us happy, and having some greenery in your office is just the solution for those gloomy work days. They don’t have to be watered every day, but they can be admired and help to bring you out from your dull mood. Cacti are a great choice, as are general houseplants that don’t need too much maintenance – so they will survive on your off days and when you go on holiday.

To Conclude. You now have some good tips for how to create the perfect home office and one that you will actually stay and work in. As long as you remember to keep things organised, to remove distractions, and get enough sunlight, you should be well on your way to work success. Take some time today to re-arrange your workspace and immediately feel your productivity and comfort in this new space soar.

By Grace, February 16, 2018
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