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How to Design a Fantastic Logo for Your New Blog

  • February 17, 2017
  • By Grace
How to Design a Fantastic Logo for Your New Blog

A logo is a graphic that is used to connect a visual representation with a brand. As a reputation develops, this little image essentially becomes synonymous with what the organization offers. Bloggers who make a website can easily connect content to graphics in such a way.

Take the logo for Apple, for example. Just by seeing the apple with a bite missing, consumers understand what the brand represents: consumer electronics such as phones and laptops.

The same effect can be achieved by new bloggers. By connecting the content to that perfect small image, it can resonate within fans and followers. Once a certain level of popularity is achieved, simply gazing upon the graphic lets people know what the content is about.

Below are eight key points to creating a fantastic logo for the website. Even if the blog isn’t connected to retail sales or direct services, it can still be beneficial when developing an online presence.

Keep it Simple

Keeping logos simple makes them easy to print, reproduce and takes the mind less time to identify. Some of the most effective graphic representations of companies are also the most basic. For instance, the Nike “swoosh” is recognizable around the world.

The mind can connect with simple graphics easier than it can with complex patterns. Although some will add an extreme artistic flare to the logo, it may actually take away from making it easier to identify. The same can be said when adding more than five basic colors to a graphic.


Choose the Right Typeface

Not all logos will use lettering. In fact, most professionals choose to stay away from text overall. Even some of the most iconic images have changed to a more simplistic look. For instance, the multicolored use of “Google” as been morphed into the multicolored, “G” that is seen on sites and as its favicon.

Typography can be a tricky thing to select. If it’s too detailed, it can be distorted easily when shrunk or enlarged. Think of it this way, choose a font that is easy to print in any size.

Also ask, “Does the font type give a sense of what the blog is about?”

Add Personality to the Image

Creating a logo for the blog should give the image a sense of the personality the site demonstrates. For example, bloggers might use Corsiva or other script-like font if the content relates to writing. If the blogger has more of a humorous attitude towards content, perhaps a Comic Sans font would be ideal.

Fonts are not the only thing that can be accentuated with personality, either. Colors, gradients or even arranging letters and patters in a certain way can be iconic when relating to the atmosphere of the blog.

Letter Combinations

For those who are unable to assemble a good graphic, there is nothing wrong with serendipitous letters. This is when you use lettering as the logo itself in a variety of combinations. This can go beyond the quick and simple graphic much like Facebook’s “F” or Fiverr’s “fi”.

Some companies use letters to create a kind of image that depicts the organization. This might mean turning letters to face each other, interlaced or even overlapping. Take the logo for CNN, for example. The “C” connects to the first “N” which then becomes part of the second “N”.

Choosing Good Colors

There is a level of psychology when selecting the right color scheme for just about any graphic. Whether it’s a logo or a background image for the blog, colors influence human behavior. For example, red is often associated with love and passion. It’s easy to speculate this is why the online dating site LavaLife uses red in its double-lowercase-L graphic and site design.

Understanding¬†color psychology¬†and how humans perceive images can be a boon to creating the perfect logo. The best part is that you really don’t need a psychology degree to get a feel for what emotions are pulled from colors.

Subliminal Suggestions

Suggesting certain emotions or effects in a logo is a practiced art. It takes a bit of ingenuity to master, but can offer an incredible method of engaging visitors. For instance, take a look at Amazon’s logo. Many will see the sweeping arrow under the word as a kind of smile, suggesting a good experience. Others may notice the arrow leading from “A” to “Z”, which implies the company has everything.

This doesn’t mean that one can master mind control simply from the logo. However, it does show how the arrangement of imagery can influence a person’s perception of what the logo represents.

Consider How the Logo Looks as an Icon

Many people base the design of the logo as how it would appear as an icon for the website in a browser. When shrunk down to 16 by 16 pixels, will the image still be identifiable? This is when adding too much detail can be problematic. If the icon in the web browser is still reminiscent of the larger version, then the logo is designed well.

However, this method is strictly up to developers. Some purposely make the icon image different from the logo itself, but still maintain some of its original appearance. The color scheme is usually one of the points that are kept in these alterations.

Constant Evolution

Lastly, don’t be afraid to make minor alterations as time marches on. Many of the largest brands have altered their logos to accommodate everything from technology to current design trends. A good example of this is Microsoft. What started off as a series of four blue boxes in 1985 morphed into a wavy four-colored window in 2009.

The most important element to take from this is that each variation still had a sense of connection to the original in some way. It’s this process that keeps the changes recognizable to the original brand without creating confusion.

What would have happened if the multicolored graphic from Apple changed to an icon without the bite missing?

It’s all in the image…

In some ways, the logo is an exceptionally important piece when a blogger chooses to make a website. Blog submission sites, social media and many other outlets will use the logo image automatically when sharing content. Create something that stands out and is engaging. Developers may be amazed by how much recognition a basic graphic can inspire when used with a blog.


By Grace, February 17, 2017
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