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How to make money from home

  • June 20, 2017
  • By Grace
How to make money from home

Making money from home is a dream for many people. Whether you’re a busy mum hoping to keep your hand in and grow your career while raising kids, or a frequent traveller who likes the idea of being location independent, making money from home can change your life.

No more leaving the house on freezing winter mornings and dealing with rush hour traffic on the way to work. No more 9-5, and no more office politics. Instead, you can work in your pyjamas on your schedule, and you’ll be able to work on a variety of projects that you enjoy.

There are so many options for making money from home, and it seems like every second person you meet has something going on on the side. One way for making money from home is starting your own website. If you build your website or blog into a popular or helpful resource, it can be used for affiliate marketing, ads, or selling your own digital products and services. One interesting example is Betting Top 10, which is an affiliate betting site that takes advantage of various betting sites affiliate programs. Another great example is Amazon Associates Program, which allows you to earn a commission from every sold product that was referred from your site.


The great thing about having your own site, is that you can even do it with a 9-5 and just work whenever you have some free time as you transition from full-time work into working from home programs (who wouldn’t want to be able to do that?).

The freelance economy is booming at the moment, and people from all over the world are ditching their 9-5s for the ability to set their own hours and negotiate their own prices. If you’ve ever worked as a copywriter, web developer, designer, accountant, lawyer, or consultant, you can take these skills and use them to work for yourself. While it takes some practice to learn how to pitch clients, negotiate, and avoid the procrastination trap, freelancing is an excellent way to build your business around family commitments and potentially make a lot of money.

Many people are now also working in other jobs online. You can teach English online via Skype or through a dedicated online teaching service, you can launch services and interactive courses online, and you can also set up a variety of other businesses- including the sale of actual products that you ship out to customers.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can make money from home- all you need to do is think outside the box, and consider what skills you have that can be monetised. One of the best things you can do is begin working from home while you still have your 9-5. Sure, it’ll be tiring to work both jobs, but you’ll be able to build up your new business or side hustle while ensuring you have a steady income at the same time. By the time you’re ready to quit your day job, the transition to working from home will be simple and easy.

By Grace, June 20, 2017
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