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Smart Gift Ideas For Your Man This Christmas

  • December 3, 2015
  • By Grace
Smart Gift Ideas For Your Man This Christmas

Christmas is now only three weeks away, where has the time gone? While you may have done most of your Christmas shopping, the chances are that the one person you are struggling with is your partner. Why are men so incredibly difficult to buy for?

I know from experience, how hard it can be picking the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband. While it can be daunting finding him an amazing gift, don’t panic, help is on hand. To make the process of choosing your partner the perfect pressie easier, I thought I would share a few smart gift ideas with you. (Fingers crossed, one of these will be perfect for the man in your life.)


Remote controlled helicopter

What’s more fun than a remote control car – a remote controlled helicopter, of course? Even as adults, men love their gadgets and gizmos. Within a couple of minutes of hitting the toy store while Christmas shopping, they’ll be absorbed in some new remote control toy. Boys and their toys, ay!

Why not make all his dreams come true and treat him to an adult remote control helicopter? These are much more intricate than children’s toys, have more controls and fly better. Many remote control helicopters can be flown using just a smartphone or iPad, instead of a controller. Buy your boyfriend one of these, and he’ll love you forever.

Grooming gear

Today, grooming isn’t just something for us girls; good grooming is essential for men and women alike. If your man is into his ‘beauty’ products, some fancy grooming items, like beard oil and cleanser, could make the perfect presents.

As well as grooming products, how about treating him to a new shaver? If he’s passionate about how he cares for his facial hair, he’ll will certainly appreciate it. Look for quality shavers when you’re buying, as often, cheaper shavers can not only cut hairs badly but also cause soreness.


An experience day

For a man who loves adventure, an experience day could be the perfect gift. Whether he’s into driving fast cars or white water rafting, an experience day could be ideal. If he loves trying out new things, consider paying for him to try a sport that he’s never done before.

The best thing about experience days is that they make a fantastic gift, but aren’t too expensive. Especially as leading up to Christmas, plenty of sites offer deals and discounts on them. So make sure that before you buy, you shop around to find the best price.

Treat Hamper

If you’re stuck for ideas for one big gift, how about making him up a treat basket? Buy a big basket, and fill it with all of his fave things. Pick up a new book by an author he likes, a DVD he’s been wanting, new PJs, socks, and anything else that you think he’d like. Some edible treats would be ideal to add to his hamper as well, as would some of his fave beer.

Sometimes, when it comes to choosing the perfect present for your partner, you have to get a little creative. Instead of buying his fave treats, like fudge and sweets, why not make them yourself? Turkish delight, marshmallows, fudge, and Christmas cookies are all fairly easy to make.

Hopefully, these ideas will make it easier for you to find your partner the perfect Christmas present.

By Grace, December 3, 2015
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