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Survey Shows Majority of Brits are Worried About the Internet Intruding in their Lives

  • March 14, 2016
  • By Grace
Survey Shows Majority of Brits are Worried About the Internet Intruding in their Lives

Tablets, mobile phones, and the internet all play a huge part in our lives, and online voucher code website My Voucher Codes as surveyed 2,548 Brits over 18 as part of research into the effect that mobile technology is having on our day-to-day lives.

Most people use electronics like tablets, smartphones and laptops each day to manage both our personal and professional lives. The idea behind the research was to see how people are feeling about this internet-based technology and whether they even like sharing such a huge part of their lives online.

One of the first questions in the survey was whether or not the respondents worried about intrusion into their lives from the internet and third parties using the information the receive to spy on them.


64% of people said they were concerned, 24% said they were sometimes concerned, while only 12% said they didn’t care. Compared to men, women were more likely to be concerned about their personal data being shared, and were also more likely to not know how to keep safe online.

Those aged over 45 were also more concerned about their lives being intruded upon that younger generations, who generally were more likely not to care- maybe because the internet has been such a huge part of their lives as they’ve grown up.

Some of the comments by younger participants were an interesting insight, with one person saying that they don’t dwell on it, but they do limit their interaction with sites that they suspect are using or sharing their information.

Another said that they don’t actively worry but they do take steps to prevent third parties from getting their information whenever they can- such as ticking boxes on forms.


And yet another said that while they’re conscious of it, they take reasonable care to protect themselves so they don’t feel burdened by it.

While many Brits are concerned about intrusion into their lives, 54% of those surveyed admitted that they wouldn’t know where they would be without technology like apps, the internet and mobile devices. Only 6% would like to go back in time before this technology existed, and 40% said that they feel lost without this technology however they also wished they could live in a simpler time.

Some of the comments around this idea were interesting, with one person admitting that they love their tech but wish it wouldn’t intrude on them being social. Another person mentioned the constant obsession with recording everything we do, and said that they would rather have an amazing memory and no proof that a photo that’s beautifully filtered while they’ve missed out on the actual action of the moment.

Finally, most people’s thoughts seem to be summed up by one person who stated that while this technology is great to have, we’d still exist without it.

While many of us can remember a time before technology, teenagers these days have never known a world without mobile phones, meaning it’s becoming more of a part of life than ever before. For more information about the survey, check out this article

By Grace, March 14, 2016
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