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Virtual Virtues – The Benefits of Virtual Offices for Businesses

  • January 22, 2019
  • By Grace
Virtual Virtues – The Benefits of Virtual Offices for Businesses

Building a professional image is a significant feature of a successful business. New Zealand is one of the most popular places to start a business and many business owners look to expand and grow their businesses here.

As times are changing and the idea of flexible working becomes more popular, one of the easiest and most affordable ways of growing your business, as well as creating a professional presence in New Zealand is through thevirtual office.

What are virtual offices?

Virtual offices provide address and communication services such as internet, IT support, landline phone numbers and many more, allowing businesses to operate without having to commit to a dedicated office space.

Services are typically available for a fixed monthly fee and some facilities in New Zealand operate on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. Unlike a conventional office space, a virtual office does not require you to pay the lease.

This guide will discuss how beneficial virtual offices are for businesses.


Low Overhead Expenses

From a financial perspective, having to maintain a conventional workspace is expensive, especially for new businesses that are just starting out. A virtual office does not have many of the expenses of a traditional office setting such as an office lease, utility payments, hardware costs and many more.

Top-end Location

Most shared offices that provide virtual facilities are situated in prime business areas in the finest buildings. This provide businesses with a cost-effective way of claiming reputable corporate addresses. Businesses get to maintain a professional image and run professionally without committing to a dedicated office space.

Access to Talent from Different Areas

Virtual offices allow businesses to employ people who are geographically spread. Virtual offices provide vital needs such as a central address as well as access to a PA that would allow people to work together from different areas without needing a permanent space. With wider talent pool, employers have more choices in hiring the most suitable candidates that fit the brand.

Added flexibility

A virtual office will give you more freedom as you will not be bound by long term contracts or lock-in fees. You will be able to expand or downsize depending on how well your business is doing.

Additionally, it also gives you flexible working hours. You and your employees can set your own hours and spend your time as you need.

Increased Productivity

Going virtual allows you to eliminate the hassles of office management. You will then have more time to get more things accomplished and focus on growing your business. Flexible working hours also means that you will not have to spend time monitoring when your employees arrive and leave work, eliminating staffing problems such as absenteeism. Instead you can establish goals and focus on meeting those goals.

More savings for the future

In addition to the money saved from having low overhead expenses, you will also save money on technology as employees are usually responsible for upgrading their own technology. This will allow you to invest more money on travelling to different industry events, attracting and engaging with more clients and customers and generally developing your business.

Going virtual in New Zealand

While virtual office is not ideal for every business, in those businesses where technology provides you with the opportunity to work from wherever you are, a virtual office is a good alternative to a classic office environment.

There are many great virtual facilities in New Zealand that could help you grow your business. Contact a provider and find out more about their best deals and services. You will get the infrastructure and support needed to run a successful business.

By Grace, January 22, 2019
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