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Why you should go small for your next car purchase

  • June 27, 2017
  • By Grace
Why you should go small for your next car purchase

Despite all the new advances in green technologies and a backlash against growing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, it seems cars are just getting bigger and bigger. You don’t have to be a passenger on this social drive to be louder, larger and faster. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new car and you don’t know where to start, it can be easy to get sucked into the social pressure to get a bigger car. Don’t feel any obligation to follow this trend if a giant SUV isn’t for you, pick up your next new ride from a car dealership like Eastern Mini Edinburgh, and help save time, money and the planet. Here are a few ways small cars rule the roads.

They’re cheaper

When it comes to up-front cost, hatchbacks are usually by far the cheapest car option. You’ll save thousands off the bat by choosing a smaller car over a large family wagon. These savings will continue over the life of the car. Although petrol prices have dropped in recent years and cars in general are more fuel-efficient, there’s still a wide gulf between small cars and large SUVs and estate vehicles. A large SUV can cost twice as much as a hatchback regarding fuel, and will generally be more expensive in terms of maintenance and repairs. When it comes to insurance, premiums will usually be higher for an SUV than a sedan or hatchback, too. By driving a small car, you’re saving money in almost every way.


They’re more agile

A larger car might be enjoyable to drive on winding highway, but when it comes to the cities, an extra tonne of metal and glass is actually a huge inconvenience. Smaller cars can navigate parking spaces with ease and are far easier to parallel park. They’re also more useful in the narrow side alleys and back lanes where extra parks are sometimes tucked away. Many roads in the UK are incredibly narrow and winding, and can be frightening in a large SUV. A small car, however, can negotiate these tight spaces with fewer blind spots and a small footprint, lowering the risk of a crash in some circumstances.

They’re greener

Transportation made up 27 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions in 2015, and despite emissions regulations around the globe, the number looks set to climb in the short term. Diesel SUVs also emit large amounts of nitrous oxide, which can be dangerous to your health. A small car has significantly lower emissions is constantly rated highly by both the US and the EU. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, then choosing a smaller car will go a long way.

They’re still safe

One major reason why people choose a larger car is that they’re considered far safer than smaller alternatives. While this certainly used to be the case, new safety technologies can now identify road hazards and can even brake or manoeuvre a car in the event of an accident without driver assistance. These significantly reduce the risk of a crash in the event of poor weather, alcohol and fatigue, and are now found in small and large vehicles across the range.

By Grace, June 27, 2017
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