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How to make life easier for a family member with a disability

  • July 20, 2018
  • By Grace
How to make life easier for a family member with a disability

If your loved one has a disability, the little things you take for granted every day may be extremely difficult for them. If you’re hoping to make life easier for your family member, here are some top tips:

Consider the Motability scheme

If you haven’t yet heard of the Motability scheme, you’ve been missing out. This national charity was designed to help your family member retain their independence and increase their mobility. There are many different cars to choose from, so be sure to check if your loved one is eligible to get a car using the Ford Motability scheme.


Spring clean

Whether your loved one will be living with you, or simply visiting often, now is the time to get rid of some of your junk. This may include removing old furniture that you never use, storing rugs that are difficult to navigate with a wheelchair, crutches, or a walker, and cleaning out any junk that they could potentially trip over.

Now is the perfect time to sell your furniture or electronics you never use, and your family member may also want to get rid of old clothes and belongings they never use so they can streamline their life.

Check your bathrooms

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house for people who are elderly and disabled. Not only is it slippery, but there are plenty of hard surfaces to land on, which could cause a broken bone or another serious injury. Install some handrails (newer versions don’t cause any damage to the wall and instead rely on incredibly powerful suction cups), and use non-slip mats in the bath and shower.

Consider a stairlift

If your family member has a problem going up and down stairs, a stairlift can help them keep their independence. This will ensure that they can get around the house without needing someone else home, and it also keeps them safe by removing the chance that they’ll have a fall while navigating the stairs.

Talk it out

There are few things more frustrating than no longer being able to do the things you’ve always done. And it can feel like no one understands. Be sure to be a patient, listening ear for your family member. If they’re struggling to talk to you, they may need to talk to a professional, particularly if this is a relatively sudden disability.

By Grace, July 20, 2018
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