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How to make time for fitness in your busy schedule

  • February 24, 2016
  • By Grace
How to make time for fitness in your busy schedule

Guidelines say we should do at least 40 minutes exercise a day. Sounds easy, right? Not when we’re at work for 8 hours, nipping to the supermarket, cooking dinner, washing our hair and then by the time that’s all done, getting ready for bed. Finding time for fitness is harder than it sounds, so here are some tips to help you make time for fitness in your life:


Walk as much as you can

If you have time to walk to work rather than drive then do so. Incorporating as much walking into your daily routine as possible is a great way to get some more exercise in without really realising. From walking upstairs at all times rather than taking the lift, to leaving the office for a walk around the block at lunch, it all adds up and helps to keep you fit.

Gym in the morning

A lot of people probably can’t think of anything worse than squeezing in an early morning gym session but once you incorporate it into your routine it just becomes part of life. A quick swim or run before work can really set you up for the day and get you started burning calories before the day has even began.


Use an app

Sometimes, we put exercise on the back burner in favour of more essential tasks. It’s important to try and train yourself to consider exercising and keeping healthy just as important as some other aspects of life.  An app like Superbody, can really help you to make exercise a priority and to take fitness and nutrition seriously. By setting yourself goals to achieve and help and advice from trained professionals you’ll start to view keeping fit as an essential part of your life rather than an extra to make time for.

Join a club

Instead of meeting your friends for dinner and drinks, see if they fancy forming a team or joining a fitness club. Whether it’s a weekly jog or a netball team, getting your friends involved in your fitness quest means you won’t have to sacrifice time doing something you enjoy for something else as you’ll all be together getting fit. Friends will definitely make fitness more fun and hopefully make your new hobby something you’ll stick to.

Making time for fitness is hard, but it’s well worth it when you feel the benefits of being fitter and healthier than before.

By Grace, February 24, 2016
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