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Tech Books About Science Fiction that Will Blow Your Mind

  • August 18, 2022
  • By Grace
Tech Books About Science Fiction that Will Blow Your Mind

Science fiction stories focus on the possible future rather than the present day or the past. Many writers explore issues relating to human nature and technology. They also often contain elements of social commentary and moral philosophy. Numerous markets use Sci-Fi book adaptations as themes for their products, like clothes manufacturing and online gambling gaming, among others. So far, we have found these books more notable than others…

The Star Trek Universe: From Concept To Cosmos

If you’ve ever seen a TV show based on the Star Trek universe, then this is your chance to learn everything there is to know about it. This book covers all aspects of how the series was created and how it has evolved over the years.¬†

Star Wars: Where No Man Has Gone Before – The Expanded Edition

This book explores the making of the original Star Wars movie trilogy from concept to cosmos. It includes behind-the-scenes interviews with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, John Williams, Dennis Muren and many other key players who made the movies. 

Lord Of Light: A Novel Of Discarded Gods

A novel by Roger Zelazny about a world where gods die and are reborn in each generation. In Lord of Light, the last God dies and his body is taken apart piece by piece by an evil scientist. Then he is reincarnated as a man named Shrike. The story follows Shrike’s quest to find pieces of his godbody to give life back to them. 

Solaris: A Novel Of Life And Death

The Solaris science fiction anthology is considered one of the best works of sf literature that spawned a film adaptation starring Chris Pine with real online pokies Australia games. In this novel, set in the year 2040, after an asteroid hits Earth, humanity moves into space colonies. But when they travel to the planet Solaris, they discover its surface is composed of giant organisms called ponys that think and behave like humans. 


As far as Sci-Fi literature goes, the ones above are some of my favorites. There are so many great Sci-Fi novels out there but unfortunately, I haven’t read them all yet. Hopefully, if you liked these, you’ll enjoy mine too!

By Grace, August 18, 2022
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