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3 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Make France Your Next Holiday Destination

  • March 25, 2016
  • By Grace
3 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Make France Your Next Holiday Destination

The cold and gloomy winter days are a thing of the past, and many of us are looking for inspiration for our next holiday. If you’re planning a family trip, or a tranquil retreat with your partner, why not make France your next port of call? Holidays in France cover all bases, and there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets. Book a rustic farmhouse to give you an authentic Gallic experience, or opt for an opulent seafront villa. If you’re weighing up your options, here are three incredible reasons you should plump for France.


1. The scenery

France is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The beauty of this country is that has fascinating geography. Travelling just a couple of hours from your base can treat you to a whole different type of holiday. The cities are chic and charming, mixing old with new and oozing with inimitable French style. The rugged beaches of Normandy are the perfect spot for long, hazy days on the beach. Provence is an upmarket location, bursting with cafes, private clubs and boutique hotels.

Once you leave the urban areas, you can expect an array of sights and vistas. From golden shores and rolling fields, to overpowering mountains and snow-covered peaks. Hire a car and set your own itinerary, or embark on a city tour on the TGV.


2. The weather

France boasts a pleasant climate in the summer, and you can expect plenty of sun-drenched days, especially in the south. Head for the beach in Biarritz to catch some waves and soak up the rays. Charter a boat and navigate the glistening waters in Nice. Those looking to enjoy a quintessential family seaside break may wish to book a holiday in Brittany. Perfect weather isn’t guaranteed, but the beautiful beaches are safe and sheltered. On cloudy days, there’s plenty to keep younger tourists occupied.

In the winter, France holds its own in the tourism stakes, and thousands flock to the famous ski resorts. Val d’Isere, Chamonix and Alpe d’Huez are popular haunts.


3. The food

France is a land famed for its gastronomy, and it’s a shame to visit without trying some of the famous delicacies. Most people know about the snails and frog’s legs, but there’s much more to French cuisine. Iconic dishes include hearty cassoulets, classic soups and stunningly presented patisserie. It’s wise to leave room if you’re heading out for dinner. Tasting menus are a fantastic way to try a varied selection of dishes. If you’re a foodie, and you’re eager to learn more, why not book a cooking lesson during your stay? No mention of food in France would be complete without giving the vineyards a shout out. France is one of the world’s premium wine producers. Wash down a casserole with a full-bodied red from Bordeaux and toast good health and happy holidays with a glass of Champagne.


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If you’re stuck for ideas for your next holiday, hopefully, this guide will have persuaded you to consider France. An idyllic spot for families, couples and solo travellers, a French getaway won’t fail to deliver.


By Grace, March 25, 2016
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