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Make the Most of Your Devices During Your Travels

  • October 23, 2015
  • By Grace
Make the Most of Your Devices During Your Travels

For many, taking a vacation means disconnecting and unplugging from it all. But sometimes, when we take vacations, it’s easy to get distracted by the tech we bring on our trip. From checking emails to taking calls, our smartphones and other devices make it hard to unwind. Here are five distraction-free gadgets you need to pack for your next trip.


Capture Every Moment

Nobody likes dragging heavy luggage bags around the airport. Cut down on some of the bulk and leave your camera, high-tech equipment and lenses at home. The Olloclip four-in-one lens acts as a magnificent wide-angle lens, and it’s easy to use as it can slide right onto the camera of your iPhone 6. It also comes with a fisheye lens and two macro lenses for more detailed shots or portraits. The tiny lens doubles your field of view, allowing you to capture more special moments on your trip without carrying around a bulky camera bag.

Get More Done Without the Bulk

Traveling for business? Need to get some work done on the family vacation? Don’t pack your heavy laptop. Instead, bring along the Logitech Keys-To-Go portable keyboard. It’s engineered with mechanical keys, a component that many tech experts say are dramatically easier to use. Additionally, mechanical keys help you be more productive as you’re less likely to make typos than when you’re using touch pad-style keyboards. The universal keyboard can connect to any iOS or Android device with a Bluetooth connection. Plus, it’s just a quarter-inch thick, which makes it a must for when you’re traveling light but still need to get work done.


Leave Your Phone at Home

One of the most innovative inventions to date, the smartwatch keeps you connected without distraction while on vacation. Want to check out the weather conditions at the beach? The Samsung Gear S can show you the current forecast. Need to find the address for the hotel in an unfamiliar city? Your smartwatch can store all of the info you need on your trip. Plus, when you want to embrace your surroundings without distractions, the Samsung Gear S enables you to leave your phone at home and still stay connected in case of an emergency.

Always Have Power

The Mophie Powerstation Plus Charger, which was named as one of the devices on Travel + Leisure’s Best Travel Tech of 2015 list, keeps your devices powered while you’re on the go. The Mophie Powerstation Plus Charger is small and compact, about the size of a business card holder, but it offers big benefits, like being able to power multiple devices at once at up to four times the speed of a normal charger. This way there’s no more waiting around for your device to charge.

Take Your Music Everywhere

If your travels are taking you to the beach, waterproofing is a must. While many manufacturers, like OtterBox, offer cases to keep your devices protected from the elements, another cutting-edge company has developed a new waterproof vacation-worthy gadget. ThePhilips Shoqbox Mini is water-resistant and dust-proof, and it is powered by Bluetooth to deliver top-notch audio. So, you can take your music to the beach or the pool without worrying about water damage.


By Grace, October 23, 2015
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