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Planning a summer trip to the United States? Don’t miss these destinations

  • May 10, 2019
  • By Grace
Planning a summer trip to the United States? Don’t miss these destinations

The United States is an incredible place to travel because it’s such a large country. There is simply so much to see and do here. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a plan you can end up overwhelmed. Here are some of the top destinations you should visit in the United States this summer:


Sure, we’ve all heard about the brutal weather in Chicago, but this is a magical city in summer. The city comes alive as everyone heads outdoors for grilling in the park, sunning themselves by the lake and drinking in rooftop bars.

Stroll down the Magnificent Mile and enjoy all it has to offer before grabbing a slice of deep dish pizza. Catch a game in Wrigleyville, or head to the loop to keep it classy. If you’ve got kids, Navy Pier and the Children’s Museum are both well worth a visit.



Orlando has something for everyone, but you’ll particularly love it if you’re travelling with kids. Visit some of Florida’s theme parks like Disneyworld and Universal Studios. Get your tickets in advance to avoid the lines, and get out early in the day to avoid the insanity of the mid-morning crowds. If you’ve got time, hire a car and head four hours south to Miami for a weekend. Enjoy delicious food, great clubs, the beach, and watersports.

San Diego

While many people fly in and out of LA and choose to explore this city, San Diego is actually much better suited for families. Not only do you have SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo, but you can explore Coronado, La Jolla, the beaches, Little Italy, Old Town, and the Gaslamp District. While LA is packed with traffic, San Diego is much easier to navigate and if you stay relatively central you can use the public transport.


Austin is like a taste of Texas for people who want to visit the south. Many refer to it as a “blue dot in a red sea” and the influx of young people due to the college and tech scene has encouraged innovation, liberal thinking, and a great nightlife. All of the things that make it Texas remain though, including amazing food, friendly people, and that larger than life attitude. If you have a few days in the city, take one of those days and head to Bandera- where horses are still tied up outside bars.


By Grace, May 10, 2019
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