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The Top Weekend Road-Trips from Dubai

  • January 25, 2016
  • By Grace
The Top Weekend Road-Trips from Dubai

In spite of having lived in Dubai for years or even decades, chances are that your busy schedule hasn’t allowed you to take out time to explore UAE beyond visiting the neighbouring cities of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. With the ease of car rentals, you can now make the most of your weekends by taking off and exploring the enchanting deserts of the Emirate.

article 1.1 Jebel_Hafeet_Mountain_Al_Ain_UAE

Jebel Hafeet

At only about 163 km from Dubai, the drive to Jebel Hafeet promises some of the most scenic views of the region. Enjoy a steady climb of 1240 meters that take you through enchanting limestone mountains that are believed to be millions of years old. Once you reach one of the highest peaks of the UAE, you will be able to enjoy views of Al Ain and the foothills that are home to about 500 ancient burial tombs.

Liwa Oasis

A 292 km drive to this oasis takes you through the oil fields in the UAE. Here, you will be welcomed by some swelling dunes and sand that change shape by the hour. If you aren’t short on time, make it a point to take a detour to the Emirates National Automobile Museum. Besides being the birthplace of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, it is also famous for its date farms, salt flats, camel racing and the Moreeb Dune.

article 1.2 liwa oasis

Al Gharbia

About 343 km from Dubai, you can make this road trip with a pit-stop in Abu Dhabi which is about half way through. This sparsely populated region is home to some of the rarest wildlife in the country and also offers exquisite natural beauty. Explore the seven cities of this region for some extremely traditional Arabic experiences along with a chance to soak the history of the local way of life. The biggest attractions here are the dunes which are considered to be among the tallest in the world.

Al Ain

At about 143 km from the city of Dubai, this town is best known for its fort. In addition to this, Al Ain is also famously known as the garden city, and is home to charming mineral springs and other natural treasures that are a burst of colour in the middle of a dessert. The Murahib Fort dates back to 1816 and is the oldest in the region.

If you wish to get a little adventurous, take a much deserved sabbatical and explore the various sights that the UAE has to offer. With the option of a monthly car rental you could drive around the country in a safe and affordable manner during your time off.

By Grace, January 25, 2016
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