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Top 7 Reasons to Travel Abroad

  • October 12, 2015
  • By Grace
Top 7 Reasons to Travel Abroad

I was browsing a list of 100 Argumentative Essay Topics on the Internet for my paper and happened to see a random advertisement, which stated “To travel is to live.” and that is how I had the bright idea of writing about it. Travelling around the world is one of the ultimate experiences that all of us human beings should try even once in our lifetimes. The world is a very big place and has may wonders to offer and as humans, we are the ones who can experience the joys of its beauty amidst its challenges. To truly live is to live your life in happiness with people you love and care about. Travelling abroad is a whole package of fun, thrill, challenges and accomplishments! Here are 7 reasons why travelling is a treasure to behold and cherish.


1. Travelling opens your eyes to the beauty of the world

When you travel, you are able to see the different places of the world. In these places, people you’ve never met or cared about have been living their lives differently than you have. Opening your eyes to these moments can let you see true beauty not only of the physical appearances of the landscapes and monuments that you can see but also the wonderful meaning of life itself.

2. You create wonderful relationships with new people around the world

In your local environment, you interact with so many people without actually trying to bond with them. You may have acquaintances in your work and you may have the occasional company of your friends and family when going out to relax and unwind. In travelling, the people you encounter can bond with you in a deeper setting. Travelling with strangers can set you on the path of true friendship because you are there to experience the same joyful things. These new people can share to you the beauty of their culture and let you see their own perspectives on the things that you should really see in their local environment.


3. You are able to live a life of adventure

Living your life in adventure doesn’t necessarily mean that you have travelled your whole life. Living a life of adventure means that for even once in you life, you have ventured into unknown territory and conquered it for yourself. Conquering it does not mean taking it as your own, but letting yourself be integrated to such amazing and exciting new places and environment. You can do silly things that you wouldn’t normally do like jumping off a helicopter and parachuting into wonderful scenery, or dive deep into the sea and see different fish you’ve never encountered before! Looking back into these experiences can always let you feel more alive and these experiences can always remind you of your adventures.

4. Travelling educates you

Travelling educates you in a way that the school can never ever replicate. By going to different places, you are able to learn through your first hand experiences about the society, geography, economy, history and many others. These knowledge is irreplaceable for it shows you the genuine truth about the places you visit.


5. Travelling improves your character and social skills

Going to new places requires you to have social skills in order to interact with the locals and adjust to their culture and practices. By going to other places, you are able to pick up their basic etiquette and you will most likely be able to learn a bit of their language and practice for yourself. Experiencing unfamiliar places will most certainly require you to hone your skill and character if you really want to immerse yourself in the fun that their culture has to offer.

6. You should travel in order to fulfill you dreams and become a better you

Travelling rewards you with many accomplishments. That moment you took to gather your courage before jumping off a cliff; it is now a trophy that rewards your bravery. The time that you had with another foreign vacationer, it is now a badge of true friendship forever attached in you heart. You see, travelling fulfills you as a human being. You venture into the unknown and come back with new knowledge, wisdom and true love. You become a better you when you have experienced the little moments of life that truly counts. It is the beauty of life.


7. The last basic reason that you should travel is because you can!

After reading the other reasons of why you should travel, what are you waiting for? Travelling is for everybody. Nowadays there are many tourism agencies that offer affordable and quality vacations. You can easily book your travels through the Internet and experience the fun that the world has to offer. The only hindrance is you. All you have to do is grab the opportunity! Happy travelling!

Don’t let society and yourself hinder you from seeing and experiencing the world out there! Grab the opportunity and get ready for your experience of a lifetime. You may not be able to see the beauty of everything in the world you will most certainly see the beauty of life itself. Go and experience the world for yourself. In the end, the only thing that you have lost is none, but you have acquired the gift of life.

By Grace, October 12, 2015
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