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Why you should visit Lord Howe Island

  • April 20, 2016
  • By Grace
Why you should visit Lord Howe Island

You’ll find Lord Howe Island approximately 660km off the north coast of New South Wales, and just a two-hour flight from Sydney or Brisbane. Lord Howe Island is actually on the World Heritage List, and you’ll find one of the best one-day hikes in the world on the island, along with crystal clear waters and excellent beaches.

If you want a relaxing, unhurried holiday, where you can walk or bike around the island and take part in numerous fun activities, Lord Howe Island is for you.


One of the great things about this destination, is the fact that it’s not overrun by people. In fact, only 350 live on the island, and only 400 people can visit at any one time, making it a completely unique spot. One of the other things that make it so unique is the incredible wildlife, with 60% of the insects and 47% of the plants on the island found nowhere else int he world. There are a huge 207 different species of birds, and more than 1600 different kind of insects. In the Marin Park you’ll also find more than 500 different species of fish, making it a must-visit if you love wildlife.

This is a destination where people take it easy, and go to great lengths to make sure that the island retains its natural beauty. Each household is only allowed one car, and if you want to buy a house on the island you have to be living in them for at least half of the year. All of the waste is shipped off to the mainland, and the amount of fishing is limited each day, so that there’s no waste and there’s just enough to feed the local population.


The island can be cycled in just 20 minutes, but don’t expect to do much work since there’s no mobile service on the island, wifi is almost non-existent and most people don’t have TVs.

On Lord Howe Island, you may rightly expect the beaches to be pristine, but you may not have been expecting the many hidden spots for surfing, underwater marine life and large reef sharks. Popular activities include diving, snorkelling, paddle boarding, swimming and feeding the fish, along with kite surfing and other water sports which are now attracting a younger crowd than the typical honeymooners or older travellers.

If you’re planning a trip to Lord Howe Island, the perfect place to stay is called Pinetrees Lodge, and here you’ll find excellent en-suite rooms, and luxury Garden Cottages- all close to the day spa, lounge, verandah, bar, tennis court, waterfront deck and gardens. If you’re a foodie or you like your wine, Pinetrees is the place for you, with full breakfasts and lunches, delicious afternoon teas and 4-course dinners (bring your appetite) each day. The chefs have worked in some of the best restaurants in Australia, and you’ll find many other activities like photography classes, dive weeks, guided walks and more

By Grace, April 20, 2016
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