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Clean Beauty: What It Is, Why It’s Important & How to Make the Switch

  • March 10, 2023
  • By Grace
Clean Beauty: What It Is, Why It’s Important <strong>& How to Make the Switch</strong>

Clean beauty refers to cosmetics and skin care products free of synthetic ingredients and chemical substances that could harm your body or irritate your skin. Clean beauty prohibits using oxybenzone, artificial scents, sulphates, phthalates, and preservatives such as parabens, all of which experts have shown to be harmful to your health.

Nowadays, people are becoming aware of the possible risks of these chemicals and the negative effect they can have on our health. Therefore, more and more consumers look for skincare made with natural ingredients, like the renowned Blue Lagoon skincare products for example, a brand committed to creating sustainable products with high quality ingredients.

Why Does Clean Beauty Matter?

Clean beauty products provide several skin and health advantages, including natural oils that hydrate your skin for an effortless, healthy appearance. Additional components, such as fruits, vegetables, and honey, boost your skin’s vitamins, giving you a natural glow.

One main reason clean beauty matters most is that clean beauty products can help you avoid skin-related health issues such as cancer and hormonal disturbance. Second, you can prevent exposure to potentially dangerous substances by employing clean beauty products. Finally, by supporting clean beauty brands, you can help change the cosmetics industry.

How to Make the Switch to Clean Beauty

1. Avoid Skincare that Contains Toxic Ingredients

Certain problematic substances have received so much attention in clean beauty that they’ve become household names. Parabens, which are often employed as preservatives, are one such example. According to research, some substances can react differently when exposed to air, upset the body or irritate the skin. The presence of parabens, as well as other common “unclean” substances such as phthalates and sulphates, is frequently indicated on the product’s cover package. Consult your dermatologist and decide what’s most essential when choosing which compounds to avoid.

2. Start from the Products You Use the Most

Generally, it is a good idea to start by categorizing the things you use the most often by sorting them. Here is a checklist of ingredients to avoid that you can use to sort through your skincare collection; you can then use it as a guide during future purchases. Sorting your products helps you see what you could be missing. The same essentials you need in your wardrobe also apply to classic cosmetic essentials you can buy to fill up your beauty cabinet. Also, it will reveal your typical indulgences. You can expand another area of your makeup cabinet if you have too many beauty products.

3. Search for Retailers that Sell Clean Beauty Products

When you shop for clean beauty products and brands, finding the most crucial clean cosmetic products is one of the most important things you should do. You can begin with the basic essential things and gradually expanding your collection. It is an excellent time to consider your style, color palettes and skin type. There are so many clean products on the market that it takes time to filter through advertising. You can search for the best clean beauty retailers online or offline, and remember that if you do not love it, do not purchase it.

Whether you’re into moisturizers or contour sticks, you may have noticed that “clean beauty” is the new norm in the cosmetics industry. If you are really into clean products, choose brands that include safe, non-toxic chemicals.

So, do you use clean beauty products, and if so, which ones?

By Grace, March 10, 2023
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