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Best Ways to Improve the Security of Your Employee Computer Interface

  • August 8, 2016
  • By Grace
Best Ways to Improve the Security of Your Employee Computer Interface

Taking steps to improve online security can help businesses to protect themselves from the potentially serious and costly consequences of a malware infection or data breach. From providing novice users with basic training and education to performing periodic tests to assess the effectiveness of established security efforts, there are many ways for businesses to ensure all networks, servers and computer interfaces are able to be kept safe and secure. Overlooking the importance of online and digital security can be a disastrous misstep which may result in lasting damage to a business’ image, brand or finances.

Providing Training and Education for Novice Users

One of the most effective ways to enhance computer interface security is also one of the most overlooked. Failing to provide all employees with adequate training and education often means that risky user habits and potential security issues are unable to be identified or effectively addressed. Instituting a basic training program and making efforts to ensure that even novice users are provided with the level of education and understanding needed to avoid unnecessary risks is often the single most effective way to protect networks, data and computer systems.

There are a number of subjects that training programs need to address in order to be effective. Basic education often consists of providing new users with the vocabulary and rudimentary knowledge needed to understand the nature of online security threats. More advanced training efforts often focus on efforts to ensure users are able to correctly identify, avoid or eliminate potential threats. Both initial and ongoing training efforts are often required in order to ensure employees and users are able to navigate digital environments effectively and with minimal risk.


Installing Security Software and Applications

There are numerous software resources and applications that can enhance the security of computer systems, terminals and networks. While anti-viral software that can detect and remove malware is often an essential asset, applications that restrict user access to certain online sites, features and downloads can be the most effective way to improve security within the employee computer interface or desktop environment. Automated security software provides an additional level of security that can significantly reduce the risks of a malware infection, unauthorized account access or other security concerns that may lead to a data breach.

Restricting Access to Certain Sites and Services

Providing all employees with unrestricted access to online sites, services and downloads can lead to no end of problems and issues. Configuring user accounts in order to limit access to certain features, installing application that monitor user habits and compartmentalizing digital infrastructure shared by all employees is a very effective way to enhance the overall level of online security. Failing to restrict access to online sites and services can lead to problems ranging from lost work hours and reduced productivity to more serious concerns that can compromise the digital security of an entire department or organization.

Utilizing a Virtual Private Server

Shared hosting for a VPS can have numerous advantages, but businesses that choose the wrong hosting option may be placing themselves at far greater risk than they might realize. Malware that manages to infect a website on a shared server can pose a significant security risk. With the right hosting for VPS, businesses can be provided with their own partitioned server space, a stand-alone operating system and a unique IP address, all of which can serve to isolate them from online threats and cyber attacks. While shared hosting options are often the most economical and cost-effective option, services that offer hosting for VPS can provide the added level of security that businesses need to better protect themselves.


Implementing and Maintaining an Effective Password Policy

Password policies that are lax, overly complex or rarely enforced can be a major liability in terms of online security. Employees that choose passwords that are easily guesses or that utilize the same password for multiple accounts represent a potential security risk that no organization can afford to ignore. Another common security problem may occur when employees are forced to record password information in an unsecured manner due to polices that are overly demanding or that require changes to be made too frequently.

Standing guidelines, protocols and policies governing passwords and account information can be of critical importance when it comes to protecting sensitive data and maintaining effective digital and online security. Policies that may be needlessly complex and overly strict can be just as dangerous as failing to adopt or enforce a policy entirely. In order to be as effective as possible, password policies and guidelines should be discussed during employee training and user education efforts.

Testing and Assessing the Effectiveness of Existing Security Efforts

Simply leaving security measures in place without testing their effectiveness from time to time is a common mistake that can have serious repercussions. Routine testing is often essential for ensuring software applications and user polices have been properly configured and implemented and periodic security assessments may be necessary in order to ensure that online and digital security efforts are able to keep pace with new threats. Just because security efforts are sufficient to protect against the threats and issues common today does not always mean they will continue to remain effective in the future.

Taking Steps to Improve Online Security

Issues like malware infection and unauthorized account access can easily disrupt day-to-day operations or bottleneck critical workflow processes. A major data breach can cause permanent harm to the brand and image today’s businesses need in order to remain competitive and successful. Taking stock of current security measures and identifying areas that may require improvement is often an essential step in ensuring that businesses are able to better protect themselves from cyber attacks and online threats.

By Grace, August 8, 2016
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