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How to Stop Boredom in its Tracks

  • July 22, 2016
  • By Grace
How to Stop Boredom in its Tracks

We’re the most connected we’ve ever been, we have access to the internet at our fingertips, and yet many of us still find ourselves getting bored. If you’re the type to get bored when you’ve done everything you need to do, here are some tips for keeping yourself entertained:

Learn something new

Have you always wished you could speak French or Spanish? It’s never too late to learn a language, and with so many cool apps and websites available for language learning, you can take control of your learning whenever you have some free time. There are also many websites that have online classes in everything from political science to mathematics, and many of them can be done for free. For those who have always wanted to learn to code, there are so many resources online that you’ll find yourself writing code within just a few months.


Read a book

It may seem simple, but choosing a new book is one of the best ways to beat boredom. If you don’t have a kindle, consider investing in one so you can have all of the bestsellers at your fingertips, and access to new authors who are now self-publishing. Check out some of the many lists of books online like “Every book that Rory reads on Gilmore Girls” (you’ll need approximately 2 years to get through them all if you read one book every two weeks), or begin by making your way through those classic books that everyone talks about that you somehow never read.

Learn to cook

Whether you’re a great cook or you consider scrambled eggs to be an achievement, there’s always room for improvement. And with so many amazing cooking apps and recipes online, you can learn the basics or more advanced skills and be impressing friends and family members in no time. Take the time to stock up on some core ingredients, and the next time you’re bored you’ll be able to practice your cooking or baking.


Play online

The internet is a wonderful invention, and there are so many fun things you can do online. If you’re the type who likes to visit the casinos, head to instead, and you’ll be able to play many different games and have the chance to win big online- without needing to leave the house.


If you could lose a few pounds or even just want to tone up, now’s your chance. Sure, it may take effort to get off the couch, but you’ll find that you’ll rarely regret a workout once you get started, and you’ll be treated to all those lovely endorphins when you’re finished.
Whether you like the idea of yoga, you want to get crazy ripped like Shaun T or you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, commit to meeting a goal and set it in the future so you have time to work your way up to the fitness level (and body) you’ve always wanted.

By Grace, July 22, 2016
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