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Why you should take your next holiday at PortAventura

  • July 22, 2016
  • By Grace
Why you should take your next holiday at PortAventura

If you haven’t yet visited PortAventura, you’ve been missing out. This a resort and theme park located in Spain, in the south of Catalonia and on the Costa Daurada.

Approximately 3 million people visit the theme park each year, and it’s the 6th most popular theme park in Europe and the most visited in Spain.

The PortAventura water park is great fun, and within the theme park you’ll find six hotels and the Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, along with a train station close by and two airports just thirty minutes from the park. Ferrari Land will also be joining the resort this year, and should be opening by the end of 2016.


While the theme park is a huge draw for visitors, the lively bars, sandy beach and top restaurants are also well worth the visit. Located just an hour from Barcelona and 5 minutes from Salou, PortAventura is an easy place to visit for tourists who are already traveling through Spain.

For those who love amusement park rides, this is one of the biggest theme parks you’ll find anywhere, with 6 different themes, including Mediterranean, Far West and more. Don’t forget to try the Furios Baco, which is the fastest rollercoaster anywhere in Europe. If you want something a little different, check out the fireworks displays, acrobatics, and can-can shows before heading to the lost kingdom of Cambodia where you’ll find the ride Angkor and a jungle jam packed with wild animals.

If you’ve got kids, they’ll love the 40 different shows each day, which include Polynesian tribal performances, fireworks displays, acrobatics, and can-can shows.


When you visit the Polynesia park, you’ll find the Tutuki Splash which looks like a dormant volcano. For people wanting to be a little more chill, grab a Canoe and spend some time exploring the rainforest landscape slowly, before watching some of the traditional dances and music from Polynesia.

Next, visit China, which is where you’ll find the star attraction of the park- Dragon Khan, which has 8 different loop-the-loops and will be sure to be a favourite among the whole family. Those who are really brave can try Shambhala which is the highest rollercoaster in Europe at a huge 76 meters high. Little kids will enjoy this part of the park as well, with giant teacups and saucers, lots of climbing nets and bridges, and some incredible dragon rides. Be sure to eat in this park of the park if you like authentic Asian food.

Feel like visiting Mexico? This part of the park has the excellent Yucatan ride, which is sure to send you spinning. If you don’t mind heights, be sure to try the Hurakan Condor which will send you up a huge 100 metres into the air in order to do some serious free-falling.

Small kids will love SesamoAventura which is a Sesame themed park of the park and has rides that are excellent for kids who are too small for other rides in the park.

By Grace, July 22, 2016
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