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Sex with different zodiac signs

  • January 4, 2016
  • By Grace
Sex with different zodiac signs

Choosing a sexual partner by a zodiac sign isn’t as ridiculous as it may seem on the surface. Each sign has not only a set of certain behavioral modes and psychological features, but also special sexual preferences. Being aware of those nuances you’ll be able to seduce anyone. Article is prepared by Ukraine dating site



Men of this sign are trying to demonstrate that they aren’t the rams in bed. They are always ready for cunnilingus. Masturbation is absolutely normal for them. Obviously lacking sexual stamina, an Aries male is biologically driven to run after the infinite number of women as a true savage.
Erection: likely.
Attitude to condoms: Theoretically, Aries respect protection.

Women of this sign are selfish and principled. If you want to seduce her, be pushy and act quickly. She’ll either give you everything at once or nothing at all. The best way to entice her is to perform an exploit. Aries women are very hot and passionate that’s why they prefer smart and complaisant men. They may seem to be devoid of coquetry and indifferent to gallantry towards them. For example, these women don’t need to be helped on with their coats and can even open the door without expecting a man to do it for them.


Men: Any other sign can’t surpass Taurus in the number of sexual acts they have in one night. In other respects, there is nothing to shout about. Taurus males don’t experiment with positions; the missionary position will do for them. Due to the frequent one-night stands, they are disposed to venereal diseases. When in a vertical position, they like to dominate; when in bed, they let the lady be on top.
Erection: weak.
Taurus men reject condoms as the white blood cells reject the foreign bodies. To interest a man of this sign, a woman should be as indifferent as possible and shouldn’t respond to his smirks. If it doesn’t work, pretend to be deaf and use gestures to communicate. Never ever say him “yes”!

Taurus women love money and showboating. Her man has to be affluent enough to buy her the bling, and silly enough to do it exactly for her. Frequently, these women are killed by their jealous husbands. It’s necessary for a mature Taurus woman to be fleshy. If she is not, it means something is wrong here. You can fix it by caring for her appropriately. Provide her with lots of chocolate, meat, and sweet liqueur. Stimulate her erogenous zones – if she is deprived of it, she feels miserable and wretched. If you do that, she gets extremely passionate. You can tell erotic jokes, read aloud something entertaining, or sing songs during breaks. If you’re a businessman or military man, your success with the women of this sign will increase.



Men: Dating time is always inconvenient for Gemini men. Intimacy suppresses them. Monogamy bores them. Any restrictions drive them mad. A Gemini male is a talented lover who can figure out his partner’s desires and can turn any perversion into something very alluring. He is self-conscious about moaning during orgasm. They like it when their partner is wearing stockings and other sexy accessories. They will never lose an opportunity to have a group sex.
Erection: strong.
Attitude to condoms: Gemini men always use protection.

Women: Gemini woman is a victim of her natural shrewdness. She’ll tell an impotent man from a sexual giant in seconds without peeping into his trousers. Generally, Gemini women know a thing or two about human nature. It’s typical of them to spend the whole life searching for an ideal man. Since there’s nothing perfect in this world, these women usually have loveless sex. Despite that they may seem light-minded, they are prudent, indeed. They tend to mislead their partners by showing too much interest in them. Such interest can mean the inquisitiveness that is so characteristic of the Gemini sign, not that they have some far-reaching prospects. They get a kick out of viewing erotic pictures together, learning new positions, and talking about mutual acquaintances.


Men: Those born under the sign of Cancer don’t like doggy style. However, they are pretty good at the other vulgar positions. He tries to be different in bed moving quickly first and then changing the pace. He thinks it turns his partner on. Cancer’s trump card is cunnilingus. Men of this sign like to discuss their and their partner’s previous sex lives. They never forget their “accomplishments” and like to talk about them a lot.
Erection: unstable.
Condoms are not disdained by Cancer men.

Women: Cancer women love sex and are always in search of sexual adventures. They are concerned about their “hard to get” reputation, so don’t be surprised if she’ll disappear after sex and be out of touch for long. They are very sensitive to the ceremonial details, extremely jealous, sometimes vampirish and crafty. On the other hand, being very tenacious by nature, they won’t let you go so easy. Like a crab, they will gently grasp the men with their graceful “nippers” and, if needed, severely punish them for bad behavior.



Men: Life is a play called “Leo’s Love”. Script and direction: Leo. Producer: Leo. Cast: Leo. Starring: Leo (really handsome guy), female character (a real beauty). The audience of this performance are exalted women from all over the world. Joking aside, the Leo men can be very different in fact.

Women: An imposing and self-confident Leo woman wants everything in her life to be spectacular and dramatic as if on the stage. Her partner should be a feather in her cap, at least for a time. Leo’s main merit is that they don’t nag their men and usually don’t bother them much. Their major flaw is a soft spot for bright and glittering things. On the other side, they always keep calm and can get benefit from anything, even from fellatio (she’ll spit it out into a bag and sell it immediately to the sperm bank). If you suddenly notice a strange look on her face, don’t worry: it’s been always that way. She gradually loses interest in sex soon after she gets married. She views her husband as a babysitter for her children and as a moneybag. Leo women are often cheated on because their sexual contacts become shorter and rarer as the years pass. In bed, they are like a runner on the track. That’s the Leo’s lot.


Men: Virgo men are great lovers with rich sexual imagination. Although they may seem down to earth, cold, and pedantic from the outside, in fact, they’re doing their best to satisfy their partner. They are easy to control in bed. Virgo men can either be dominant or submissive. Sex with Virgos is diverse: today he can be tender and passive and tomorrow – passionate and hot.

Women: Beautiful, faithful and magnetic. Men are running after them, but they can’t take advantage of it, as a rule. Don’t wait for a roaring night with a Virgo, she wants sex for love. That’s why, if your main motivation to meet her is sex, then she isn’t for you. What’s positive about making love to a Virgo woman is that you’ll improve your health and widen your horizons. Women of this zodiac sign are very interesting. They know the rules very well and they know how to break them too. Speak out your secret desires, don’t drop gentle hints or cast amorous glances.


Men: They will never pry into women’s feelings trying to make sure of their decency or to get to know what they value and cherish. A Libra man pays attention only to woman’s appearance, voice, clothes, and behavior. Since her hidden feelings will stay out-of-reach for him, he’ll start to notice her outer imperfections.
Erection: usual.
Condoms: Libra men consider them a good means of protection.

Libra women want to be liked by everybody. Being with a Libra, men should clearly understand the difference between sex and flirting. Otherwise, they will end up suffering from erotic tortures. Libra women a very picky, they want to find a man who would be a leader, and not only for her but for others as well. In other words, they need a partner with whom they feel comfortable during social occasions. If a man meets her demands, she will be all his. If not, it’s she who will decide on the place, time, and position, or whether it (sex) is necessary at all. Libra likes the luxury and comfort, so make sure you can provide her with it. Buy her flowers and bring her coffee in bed occasionally. Libra women value manly temperament as well as compliments and courtesy.


Men: They’re in a relationship and he torments his woman because he likes it. Gradually, she becomes a complete mental wreck. And he likes it. A woman should gracefully fall into his arms and let him do everything. However, it’s advisable for her to visit her psychiatrist after that. Yes, Scorpio is strong (don’t fight with him). Looking at him, women are ready to take off their underwear irrespective of how many people are around and how long she knows him.
Erection: always.
Condoms: as he wishes.

Women: Her lofty Scorpio spirit is trying to surpass her lustful Scorpio body. This confrontation explains her powerful sex appeal and, at the same time, the rigid aura of strictness that as if warns: you need a serious occasion for sex. Scorpio women prefer strong men (in all senses). They are very passionate in a foreplay and don’t neglect the elements of robust S&M. If you’re with a Scorpio woman, be ready to give her much love or, at least, money. A romantic vegetarian has no chances to become her man. On the surface, it may seem that she keeps her temper pretty well, but when it comes to sex, she starts using everything within her easy reach. Thus, you should be very careful in the kitchen or garage as she may hurt you. They are also dangerous in other ways: they may ruin your marriage, career, and material wellbeing.


Men: At first, Sagittarius may seem an absolutely shy person until you find yourself in one bed with him. You’ll get everything: tenderness, passion, selfless sex. Their main flaw is that they are somehow conventional and their sexuality is limited to a set of certain rules imposed by somebody. To say that a Sagittarius is afraid of monogamy is the same as to claim that Salman Rushdie gets a bit anxious thinking about death. After sex, men of this sign become very vulgar in their speech.
Erection: of course!
Condoms: Sagittarius men always have condoms with them.

Women: If you want such an Amazon of a woman by your side, you should have a free spirit and be active. The best places for making love are the beaches of Cyprus, forests (the hunting fields), river banks. You can also try to do it in between the reports at a conference. What really turns her on is a hunt for her partner. When she attains her goal, usually she wants to find someone who is harder-to-get. Sagittarius is for those who like intelligent, beautiful, and cheerful women. She is inexhaustible in sex, so you’ll have to work hard before you get her satisfied. She adores sex and it means much for her, so you should be ready for any perversions with her. A Sagittarius female is a romantic vagabond by nature, that is, she likes to change places and environment which means you can have sex anywhere! Knowing her own worth, she often plays field and always know when her husband does the same. She will value the family life until she suddenly gets itch for adventures.


Men: He is very diligent in bed, sometimes even too much, and very tender. Genteel as a security service analyst, witty as a biotechnical robot, emotional as a banker a Capricorn man takes everything seriously. He has the noblest intentions. Nothing human is alien to him. He knows well that money can’t buy happiness. Her position in society is of little consequence to him.
Erection: stable and steady.
Condoms: A Capricorn puts it on by himself.

Women: Capricorn women are always concerned about the things like “I want him but what if his penis is too big”. Usually, they are strict in relationships. Men always crave for them, but as soon as they come closer they see it isn’t that easy. If you choose the right moment you can have sex with her days long… An adult Capricorn, besides her sex appeal, has one more unique merit, which is of special value for the sensitive men and homebodies – she is an excellent shoulder to cry on and a great support when times are hard.



Men: Without the slightest hesitation he will make love to every willing woman. There are picky and promiscuous Aquarius, but both are dissolute. They can easily admit how corrupted they are without any trace of shame. They are proud of being not like the others. They view any relationship as the infringement of the spiritual growth of either partner.
Erection: present.
Size (either big or small) is always the reason for worries.
Condoms: Aquarius men don’t like condoms.

Women born under the sign of Aquarius are not the most sensual partners, but the most interesting and unpredictable ones. They are eccentric, freedom-loving and not jealous over minor things. They have a slight tendency to feminism and unconventional sex. When her young husband comes home he sees that their house looks like a brothel… However, an Aquarius woman won’t ever agree to a group sex. Looking at her, men start thinking about different perversions, but when they are finally in bed, they get only a missionary position. Being very good at flirting, she’ll never play the field. In relationships, Aquarius women would rather appreciate peace than emotions.


Men: Passive but delicate. Pisces men avoid taking the initiative and prefer to excite their partner and let her be the leader. They are surrounded by their ex-wives and friends whom they can’t leave for good because they hate parting. Aquarius man keeps photographs, love-letters, and keepsakes. Yes, he is a real romantic. Though, don’t wait for him to shower you with flowers, perfumes, and rings. He can only lie on a grand scale, and you’ll figure him out. He can be distinguished by blue or green eyes. God as if helps women to discern Pisces’ mydriatic pupils when he’s lying like a gas-meter.
Erection: it depends.
Condoms: it depends.

Women: You’ll go high with a Pisces woman. You can plunge into her like into a warm bath and forget about everything. Her erogenous zone is her feet. Both in life and in bed Pisces give up initiative to their partner. It’s not about their weakness or kindness, but rather their special “fishy” gain: get rid of all troubles that taking the initiative entails. In return, they guarantee oceans of sympathy and compassion (don’t forget to give occasion) and all the rest, of course.

By Grace, January 4, 2016
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