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How To Hide Wires Behind TV Stand: Simple Tips To Make Use Of

  • January 11, 2016
  • By Grace
How To Hide Wires Behind TV Stand: Simple Tips To Make Use Of

There is nothing messier than a bird’s nest of wires, scattered all over the room. While going wireless whenever possible can provide a very functional solution to the problem, in some cases it is simply not an option. Organising a TV station without wires, for example, is impossible. So, here are some simple tips on how to hide wires behind TV gloss stand that will help you to make any room much tidier:


Best models to hide wires behind TV stand

Even though the vast majority of TV stand models have special slots for wires these days, some pieces are still more effective in masking all of the wires. Here are some of the best ones that will work flawlessly in any room:

Wall mounts — wall mounts are perfect for hiding wires. Sure, these are a bit demanding models that will not fit into any room. However, if you are working on a modern decoration setting, a metal mount is a perfect solution that offers not only an effective way to hide wires, but also a very flexible approach to adjusting your TV screen height.

Simple TV bracketswall TV brackets is another idea you should think over. Sure, to hide screen wires you will have to include a power outlet right behind the screen. This is a perfect idea if you are not planning to have any other media units in the room.

TV stand collections — complete TV stand collections with shelves and cabinets do not only offer a very simple way to furnish a living room — they are also incredibly helpful to hide wires behind TV stand. Sure, finding suitable dimensions might be tricky, but the result is generally worth the effort.

Television   bedroom.

Tips on avoiding wire tangle 

While choosing a TV stand that is simple to work with is a very nice start, here are some other ideas on how you can avoid wire tangle — they might prove to be even more important than choosing a stand with slots:

Take care of the power outlets in advance — take care of the power sockets before you start furnishing the room. Extension sets are some of the first things that create mess and wire tangle in the room, so you should do everything it takes to avoid them.

Get the right cable length — also, you should not get more cable than you need. Even if you are going to rearrange furniture in the future, it is always better to get new cables than to handle overly long wires for years.

Colour code multiple wires — if there are a lot of media units on your stand, getting differently coloured cables is a nice idea. This will help you put everything right in place quickly and painlessly.

Sure, those are some of the simplest tips on how to hide wires behind TV stand. If you are looking for more creative ideas on how to make your home wireless, take a look at these suggestions — they will offer you a more detailed guide on how to hide wires behind TV stand.

By Grace, January 11, 2016
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