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What to Talk About with Your Russian Date

  • February 19, 2016
  • By Grace
What to Talk About with Your Russian Date

Irrespective of whether you’re dating a Russian girl online or in real life, you may wonder which topics you can discuss with her and which ones you’d better leave alone. Men often ask what they are supposed to say at the beginning of a date, which questions are appropriate, and how to react if an awkward silence sets in. Since a man is an initiator of a conversation and the one who introduces new topics, you’ll find the following tips concerning the first date talks very useful.


Know what you should say for starters

Imagine that she showed up in the restaurant where you’d asked her. You helped her take off her coat, pulled out a chair for her to sit down, and now you’re both sitting at the table. Or another situation: it’s your first virtual date via video chat. What should you say? In both cases, just say that you are very happy to see her. Simple as it may seem, this phrase is a very nice way to start your date. If you can’t help but compliment her on her stunning looks, don’t restrain yourself. Telling a Russian woman some nice words about her appearance is a good way to express your appreciation. However, don’t use those generalized and trite phrases that she can hear daily from other men. Be more exact in your remarks. Point out a particular detail of her image that you like most of all. Another great conversation starter is a question about her day. What makes it particularly great is that it can reveal many other topics that you can discuss further. By asking her about how her day was, you’ll show your interest in her life and learn a lot of new facts about her as well. There is one more opening topic that will be always appropriate. Start telling her why you asked her to this particular restaurant. Perhaps it is its location or the interior or cuisine that influenced your choice. If your date takes places at some other venue, look around and find something to discuss a bit. Avoid talking about the people around because you may come across as nosy.

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Ask the right questions

There are some universal topics that will be appropriate for any date with any girl. Here are some of them.

  • Personal interests, hobbies, and job.
    Russian girls like to talk about themselves as all people do. Ask your date about her job and what she likes to do during her leisure time. If you already know about her passions, it may be interesting for you to know why she decided to become a specialist in that particular field or how she started this or that particular hobby. Not only will you give her an opportunity to talk about herself, but you’ll get to know her better.
  • Dreams.
    People always dream about something or have their own aspirations. Ask your date about her plans and goals for future. Be ready to share yours with her because she also wants to know more about you and personal aspirations can tell her much about you.
  • Childhood memories.
    We all were children once and we all have a lot of funny stories connected with that happy period of our life. You can touch upon this topic by asking her what kind of child she was (restless or calm) or ask her to recall some interesting story.
  • What ifs.
    You can add creativity to your conversation and ask a “what if” question. Give your date some time to get her thoughts together and listen carefully to her story. Such questions will help you get to know your date better because her words will reveal what she really wants.
  • Pets.
    Ask your Russian date whether she is a cat person or a dog person and then continue that animal talk. It would sound strange if you introduce this topic out of the blue, so you need to find an excuse to start this conversation. The situation can be the following: you are taking a stroll in the park and see people walking their dogs. The time to talk about pets has come! Firstly, comment on how many dog owners are around. After that, put on a curious look and introduce your question starting with “By the way, …” to make it sound natural and situational.

There are a lot of different topics that may appear as the conversation proceeds. Just be attentive and you’ll never run out of subjects for discussion.

If you fear that moment of an awkward silence at the end of your date when both of you don’t know what to say, there is a universal ending. Tell her that you had a good time with her, especially if it’s true.

By Grace, February 19, 2016
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