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A modern guy’s guide to successful dating

  • February 18, 2016
  • By Grace
A modern guy’s guide to successful dating

Following on from my previous dating article, it’s not just shy girls who need a conscientious man when they’re dating. Far away from the world of quick-fire Tinder hook-ups, old school romance and courtesy still reigns supreme. Men who show a bit of compassion and interest when dating will end up in more successful relationships as a result. Here are our top tips for men heading out on a date.

Get to know them beforehand

One of the benefits of modern society is ease of communication. You can get in touch with someone before the first date and see if you click online. This can sometimes work against you, as it can be harder to get your personality across through a computer. However, if you get a chance to chat socially online before you meet up, you’ll be less nervous and get a good idea of likes and dislikes.


Dress to impress – but don’t go overboard

When you’re dating, first impressions are important. You should dress smart, but don’t go too formal or you’ll end up looking like you’ve tried too hard. You should wear something that is both comfortable and flattering like a polo shirt and jeans or a button-down shirt with chinos.

Try and relax

Nerves can be a killer when it comes to dating as they can make you speak without thinking or run out of things to say. Relax, take time to listen to the person you’re with and give them a chance to tell you plenty about themselves. Casual confidence is key.


Be courteous and attentive

Ask questions that flatter and give them a chance to shine. Make them feel interesting but try not to condescend or come off as overly keen. Be as much of a gentleman as you can without coming off as desperate. This means little things like holding open doors and offering to buy a drink.

Follow it up

If you’ve enjoyed the date and you think it was mutually successful, don’t be afraid to follow it up. Ambiguity is no good when dating – so don’t leave anything to chance and send her a quick message the next day to let her know you enjoyed the date and find out if she did too.


By Grace, February 18, 2016
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