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Men’s Spring Fashion Trends for 2019

  • April 4, 2019
  • By Grace
Men’s Spring Fashion Trends for 2019

Spring is officially here, so it is definitely time to get out there and update your look for the new season. So, if you have been meaning to lift your game and get on trend, we are here. Below, we’ve pulled together the biggest men’s fashion trends for spring 2019.

Shorts and tees

Let’s start with hot weather clothing, in particular, shorts and t-shirts. You can’t go wrong with those. They are versatile items of clothing that you can wear every day, for the beach, to the gym or for a long list of outdoor activates.

Right now, it is Jacamo that seems to offer the best selection of the latest shorts and t-shirts. For 2019, cargo shorts are set to be particularly popular. They suit most men and are, of course, very practical. Swimming shorts are lightweight and keep you cool. But the moment you put something like your keys or phone in your pockets they start to slide down. With cargo shorts, this is not an issue. They stay in place no matter what and there are plenty of pockets.

If you are not keen on this look try chino shorts instead. Don’t worry about the fabric being too thick and heavy. They are typically made from 100% cotton, which allows your skin to breathe naturally. This means that they are actually far cooler than they look.

When it comes to t-shirts, big logos are one of the year’s biggest trends. This is a nod to 90s styling. You will notice that a lot of menswear designers have turned to that fashion era for inspiration, this year. You will also notice that t-shirts lengths are getting longer. Keep an eye out for stripy t-shirts too.

Tops and shirts

Large baggy sweats and tops are also set to be popular. The tailored look is definitely out. This year, men will be wearing more comfortable, casual clothing.

This also applies to shirts. For the office, there will still be plenty of close-fitting tailored shirts available. But, for downtime, large print shirts with double pockets look set to be a big trend.

Suits are set to be big

You are likely to see a lot more when wearing suits this year. For the office, you will likely be wearing super elegant double-breasted suits. But, lightweight single-breasted suits will also take their place in a lot of men’s wardrobes. Plus, there is a good chance you will see a lot of men wearing them without a shirt. This article shows you how to get this look right.

Menswear colour palettes for spring 2019

When it comes to colour, most retailers have decided to follow the neutrals trend. But, you will also notice sage being mixed in with this year’s earthy neutrals. These colours suit most men.

If you want something brighter, there is still plenty of choice available. Bright yellow is an option as is the full range of neons.

Ok, so that is it for men’s fashion until next season. However, I also write quite extensively about women’s clothing, throughout the year. You can read my latest posts on that subject by clicking here.


By Grace, April 4, 2019
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