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Men’s Winter Fashion Trends for 2016

  • November 1, 2016
  • By Grace
Men’s Winter Fashion Trends for 2016

Who says guys can’t look stylish while still staying warm? If you’ve been meaning to lift your fashion game and look a little more put together in the office or even for the woman in your life, we’ve got the top men’s winter fashion trends for 2016.

First up, is the latest men’s outerwear trends. Plaid is big this season, as are bomber jackets, and of course, that lovely 90s trend- the puffer jacket. Surprisingly, fur has also seen a revival for men’s fashion, and brought plenty of opulent and slightly ostentatious looks to the runway. There are definitely ways to keep it low-key, but the best way to wear the fur trend is to keep it to brown or black, thigh or knee-length and oversized.


Another huge trend is the neo-seventies, with the rebel and rock style so popular in the 70s showing up in flares, graphic details and flyaway collars. The style in 2016 allows a completely modern interpretation of this trend, so either take it all the way or keep it to a few key pieces.

While colours are ranging from olive green to navy, and of course, black, brown and the ever-popular grey, burgundy has been the standout colour of the season. Winter is calling for the comforting tones showcased by McQueen, Valentino and Dior, which were predominantly purple and win shades.

Another big colour? Copper, which is being seen in every piece of men’s clothing available. Stick to the warmer shades and use it as a focus piece such as a nice pair of pants or a warm jacket.

Say goodbye to skinny jeans, as the baggy trouser is back in a big way. The loose fit is creating a new silhouette for man, seen on the catwalks of Wooyoungmi, Margiela and Lanvin.

pexels-photo-38940 (1)

In fact, the baggy style is being seen throughout men’s fashion, with the oversized coat showing up on runways around the world. Swap your jacket for one of these oversized coats in alpaca wool or double-layered cashmere.

Street fashion is seeing the rise of bandanas, which can be used in a variety of different ways. The most common is as a neckerchief, just ensure a brighter shade like cobalt blue, cherry red, or a pattern (keep the knots nice and neat).

Suede and velvet are also making a comeback, just avoid the bell-bottoms sand instead stick to a few key pieces that complement your colouring and features.

Another big street style trend? Head to toe white. Most men are choosing oriental and elaborate styles, however there are much easier and simpler ways to use elements of the trend during the weekend. Grab white jeans and a t-shirt of the same colour, but throw on a bright baseball cap to keep it grounded and roll up your jeans for a more casual look. Some dark glasses are another great way to break up the all-white look.

By Grace, November 1, 2016
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