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The Fashionable Nurse – 5 Trendy Tips

  • October 13, 2016
  • By Grace
The Fashionable Nurse – 5 Trendy Tips

No matter what line of work you are in, there are fashion trends that have a place on the job and others that just don’t fit. Nurses have a particular need to be neat and clean at all times because they are dealing with patients, some of whom may be in a precarious state of health. Also, just one germ run rampant can actually be the death of someone so it is vital to always, above and beyond anything else, be as neat and clean as humanly possible.

That being said, there are some fashion trends that nurses can follow and others they should leave behind at home. If you are looking to be a fashionable nurse, here are five trendy tips to have you looking your best even though you are probably wearing that dreaded uniform.


Sweaters Not Jackets

One of the real problems many nurses have when working in a hospital setting is the temperature they keep most hospitals at. For health reasons the thermostat is always kept lower by a few degrees than the average household and so most nurses need to wear some kind of sweater. In recent times hoodies have become quite fashionable but not on the job. They are typically oversized and can get in the way of patient care. You have your online nursing degree so you know you should be dressed comfortably but hoodies are taking it a bit too far. Always opt for sweaters that fit since they don’t get in the way and tend to look neater than a jacket, even a lightweight one.

Short Do’s Are In

One of the latest trends in short hair is applying those bright neon colors to a short spiky do. Instead of adding colors that are too bold, opt for a deeper red or even a light hint of color matching your uniform. Those neons are definitely a resounding, “No!”


Clear Nail Polish on Short Squared Nails

French manicures are all the rage and those squared nail tips are absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, most hospitals and doctors’ offices have a ‘No Nail Polish’ rule so nurses who graduated from an online RN program having seen those trendy manicures all over the internet are going for a modified French manicure. They are wearing their squared tips shorter and in lieu of white polish are adding a touch of clear to keep the shine and appeal of a manicure without the length or color.

Statement Pieces Are Out

Some doctors and hospitals allow their nurses to wear jewelry but statement pieces are definitely out. Instead of those large pendants and oversized earrings, opt for smaller pieces that can make a statement but are much less obtrusive. It isn’t the style that doctors object to, it’s the fact that large jewelry can get in the way when taking care of patients. Smaller pieces not only look more professional but are also safer by far.

Embroidered Scrubs

Whether you studied in an online RN program or have studied on campus, the one thing you know is that most hospitals have a certain dress code and so those scrubs that you may be required to wear are anything but fashionable. Some nurses have taken theirs to a local embroidery shop to have unique little embroideries added to the pocket. It’s an easy matter of snipping stitches to remove the pocket, the embroidery is added and the pocket stitched back on. Custom embroideries of butterflies, small creatures and other little insects such as lady bugs are all the rage in some of the bigger medical institutions around the country.

So there you have a few fashion trends for nurses that are slightly modified styles that are trending on the ‘outside.’ You always need to follow hospital dress code but with a little imagination and these five trendy tips you can still be up-to-date without being overly ostentatious.

By Grace, October 13, 2016
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