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13 Brand New Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

  • April 4, 2017
  • By Grace
13 Brand New Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop has been the flagship photo editing software for professionals and students alike since the 1990s. It’s used for print magazines, billboards, web graphics and more. Get a better understanding of Photoshop and create amazing projects for your own website or blog by following these hand-picked tutorials.

1. Vintage Posters

Vintage posters are very trendy and work great as promotional images. You’ve seen the sepia-tinted, retro design and font used in these posters by everyone from Kraft Foods to NASA lately, and now you can create your very own.

2. Textured Font and Website Layout

Textured fonts look great on just about any website. They are artistic and modern, and give your site a customized and professional feel. Use this tutorial to create your entire website layout, or just your logo if you’ve got another template in mind.

3. Photo in a Photo

You may have seen this effect on photography blogs or on social media ads. All you need to start is a photo of someone holding a frame. You can then create an infinite-looking, mirrored repetition for your own blog. If you’re going to start a blog with photography or art, this is probably the best tutorial to try first.

4. Create Your Own Timeline

Timelines work great for company histories or to track and show personal growth. This Photoshop tutorial will go great on any site with an About Us page, or even pregnancy and engagement commemoration blogs. Before you start a blog for yourself or friends consider running through this timeline tutorial so you can chart and neatly display your chronological content.

5. Replace the Background Color in Your Images

While this task sounds simple, it’s really something you should learn  to do the proper way. That’s because most self-taught methods lack the detail and specificity that this professional tutorial achieves. Never worry about the background of your images again, once you’ve mastered this background-swapping tutorial.

6. Create a Grid Style Blog

Grid style blogs are not only trendy, but lend themselves to eCommerce and product descriptions like no other blog type. Start a blog where you review items, or sell products with this awesome grid style layout tutorial. This project may take 2 hours to complete, but the payoff is well worth it.

7. InstaGram Inspired Layouts

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial is perfect for web designers who want to create an InstaGram-inspired blog or portfolio website. It has familiar rows and columns of image holders, which is perfect for giving your users an easy to use look at your work. Consider this tutorial if you want to pack lot of content onto your pages in an organized manner.

8. Lava Fonts in Photoshop

This creative lava font is perfect for marketing materials, ads, and logos. Use this Photoshop tutorial to create your own text that looks like it’s burning in molten lava. This tutorial should only take 45 minutes to finish, and will prepare you for future font creation with other looks as well.

9. Photoshop Landing Page Tutorial

Many websites need a landing page, and what better program to design yours in than Photoshop. Get a professionally crafted landing page in just minutes with this Photoshop CS6 and CC compatible tutorial. Since the landing page is usually the first page your visitors see, put your best foot forward and make a lasting first impression with this unique landing page layout.

10. Advanced Lens Flare

Lens flare has many uses in web and graphic design, and there are simply point and click ways to create the effect. These basic methods lack the realism you’ll achieve with this tutorial, however. Use this Photoshop tutorial to create better lens flares and give your photography an artistic edge.

11. Photoshop Image Slider Tutorial

This tutorial will take you through the process of creating a basic web layout with a functional image slider. You can use this to create the base for your new website or blog. The image slider comes with several options, so review the full tutorial before getting started.

12. Splash Effects in Photoshop

Using splash effects will put you a step above most graphic and web designers, who may avoid what seems to be a complicated task. This tutorial actually makes it quite easy to transform your images into a splashed graphic, creating a visual effect worthy of movie posters and costly media.

13. Watercolor Effects for Photoshop

Watercolors look great on artistic sites, portfolio blogs and trendy online shops. This Adobe Photoshop CC tutorial can teach you how to create watercolor logos and menu items for your own site, and give you a chance to get in on the newest trend in design.

Photoshop is an anchor program in the world of web design and marketing. Create professional, appealing graphics and landing pages for your own blog or website by following these tutorials closely. You can use these guides to upgrade your site, add graphics and even create marketing campaigns or interactive, spliced web images.

By Grace, April 4, 2017
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