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How to stay entertained this weekend

  • March 30, 2017
  • By Grace
How to stay entertained this weekend

I don’t know about you, but I work so many weekends that when I finally get one off I often have no idea what to do with it. If you’re the same, and you have no idea what to do to stay entertained this weekend, here are some ideas:

Go to the movies

When was the last time you actually went to the movies instead of just downloading a movie or watching Netflix? Sure, you’re going to spend a little more to have the whole cinema experience, but nothing quite beats movie popcorn and actually seeing a new release that hasn’t been filmed with a camera in a cinema.

To really treat yourself, find one of those great cinemas which have comfy chairs allowing you to recline while you order food to be delivered throughout the movie. It really is amazing.


Play games online

If you haven’t yet seen some of the great games you can play online, you’ve been missing out. There are a number of great online casino websites, and some will give you reviews of the best casinos, along with info about many popular games, and strategy so you have a greater chance of winning big.

This is a great option if you know your friends are going to be busy, since you’ll be bale to stay entertained while also potentially winning some serious cash.

Be Social

When did staying in become the new going out? So many of us prefer to spend a night on the couch watching Netflix than actually getting dressed and going out to meet people. While this trend is great news for introverts, even the most extroverted people are becoming glued to their couches. The rise of social media has meant that we’re continually connected, and yet many people feel more alone than ever- you can’t truly connect unless you’re reading body language and spending time with people in real life.

Make a conscious effort to be social this weekend. Get in touch with people you haven’t seen for a while, and see who has time to grab a coffee or a drink. If you really don’t want to leave the house, invite a few friends over for pizza, just make sure you’re not spending all your time alone.

Be Active

If you’re like many people, you probably spend the majority of your work week sitting down all day. If you work in an office, drive to work, and flop on the couch once you get home, your body just isn’t getting the activity it needs to stay fit and healthy.

Often we can get in a rut, and it seems easier to just keep doing what we’re doing instead of prioritising our health. But exercise doesn’t have to be hard or boring, and going for a walk, hike, run, or to the gym can be a great way to stay entertained while also ensuring you stay healthy this weekend.

By Grace, March 30, 2017
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