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3 Reasons Why Nursing is One of the Most Promising Career Paths

  • November 30, 2016
  • By Grace
3 Reasons Why Nursing is One of the Most Promising Career Paths

We’re often reminded that, on average, college graduates make more than people who only have a high school education. However, all fields of study don’t offer the same career outlook, and there are many degree holders who wind up taking jobs that aren’t related to their college major in anyway. In some cases, it’s due to the fact that there aren’t enough jobs to go around in that particular sector. Other times the graduate becomes so accustomed to the academic realm after being in school for so many years that they’re unable to independently pursue opportunities in the real world job market. Regardless of the reason, one thing’s clear – finding steady employment is rarely that challenging for someone with a nursing degree. Below we have listed the top three reasons why becoming a registered nurse is one of the most sure fire career paths around:


1. Quick Path to the Money

Many careers require 2-4 years of schooling plus an internship and lengthy job search that often results in being hired for a position that requires you to move away from home. On the other hand, it’s possible to earn a degree in nursing from a distance learning institution like Bradley University in as little as 2 years, and from there you’ll probably find a nursing job in your immediate area within a matter of months. The starting pay is also great at around $20-$30 per hour depending on your location and job position. There aren’t many other degrees that can virtually promise those kind of wages in as little as two years, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You also have the option of earning a nurse practitioner doctorate degree in your spare time to become eligible for even higher-paying positions.

2. In-Demand Jobs

Nursing jobs are also in high demand right now thanks to an ongoing nursing staff shortage that is only projected to worsen within the next 5 years. In fact, if you’re willing to move to an area that is severely short on nurses you can start earning higher wages than you would in other areas. For example, nurses in Alaska make an average of about $38/hour. Furthermore, the high demand for nurses means you can usually find a job in almost every region of every state, so it’s ideal for someone who’d prefer the freedom of being able to relocate to a specific area if desired.


3. Low Rate of Unemployment

Finally, registered nurses are currently enjoying an unemployment rate of about 2%, which means that 98% of people with a nursing degree are currently employed. There are few occupations in the world that can offer that level of job security to such a large group of people, and still be experiencing such a strong staff shortage. In laymen’s terms, hospitals around the country are in desperate need of nurses, and all you need to get hired is a bachelor’s degree that takes about 24 months to obtain.

How Long Will the Opportunity Last?

Experts predict that the nursing shortage will still be an issue past 2020, so anyone starting their path to becoming a nurse now should still enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above by the time they’ve entered the workforce.

By Grace, November 30, 2016
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