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East Coast America: Four Places You Must Explore

  • December 1, 2016
  • By Grace
East Coast America: Four Places You Must Explore

When we think of America, many of us instantly envisage California’s beaches and palm trees and the incredible food and traditions of southern cities like New Orleans. But the East Coast has some incredible places which are definitely worth a visit. You’ve probably already thought of New York City – but here are some more places to visit on your East Coast America trip.

New York City

NYC is the best known place on the East Coast, a home of culture, art and technology that effortlessly mingles incredible architecture with cutting edge modernity and the fast pace of city life. You can do anything you want to in NYC, from eating out every night at one of the city’s incredible restaurants, to going to the Statue of Liberty, to looking at works by artists like Cézanne and Dalí at the Museum of Modern Art, to getting tickets for a Broadway show like Wicked or Hamilton. Stay in Manhattan to fully experience NY life, or go out to Brooklyn for an effortlessly cool hipster experience.

Boston, Massachusetts

New England’s Boston is one of the best places in the US to visit if you want to find out a little more about American history, you can take a trip along the Freedom Trail to check out the Benjamin Franklin statue, Boston Common and the Bunker Hill Monument, which commemorates one of the first battles fought in the American Revolutionary War. If you’re into sports, you can always check out Fenway Park, home of the famous Boston Red Sox, but if scholarly pursuits are more your style then you can always take in the famous campus of Harvard University in Cambridge.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Make sure you don’t spend your entire East Coast experience in cities! Take some time out to enjoy the incredible seafood on Virginia Beach – enjoy a crab omelette in the morning for breakfast before going sailing in the incredible blue waters of Chesapeake Bay all day long. If you’re looking for an educational experience, check out the Virginia Aquarium And Marine Science Center where you can zipline at the adventure park and find out about their conservation projects. Chances are, you might want to stay in Virginia Beach for a little longer than you’d planned – if you’d like to turn your life into a permanent seaside vacation, check out apartments like

Washington DC

If you have any interest in politics, Washington DC is a city you must visit. Take a tour through the White House and visit the Library of Congress, which is the largest library in the world. If you’re interested in military history, take a trip across the Potomac River to Arlington, Virginia to visit the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. If you’re lucky enough to visit DC in the spring, try to go around the beginning of April to check out the blooming cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin. If you want to visit a museum, the Smithsonian is one of the best in the world.

By Grace, December 1, 2016
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