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Do’s and Dont’s of Recruitment

  • October 26, 2015
  • By Grace
Do’s and Dont’s of Recruitment

As an employer, recruitment is your responsibility. To ensure you select the right candidates and prevent existing staff from stagnating, you’ll need to avoid the many pitfalls of employment. Leading software provider HRS Recruitment talks us through the dos and don’ts of recruitment.


Don’t stick to traditional recruiting

An advert in a newspaper will only take you so far. To maximise the reach of your vacancy, you should consider other means. Posting your job online is a must, while arranging and publicising recruitment days will also help attract more applicants.

If you are targeting a specific audience, advertise your role in their places of interest. For example, you could contact local universities to arrange for one of your employees to give a talk to promote the benefits of your graduate schemes.

Don’t forget social media

There are still a number of organisations who ignore a candidates’ social media. Yes, their Facebook or Twitter accounts might not seem relevant to the advertised role, but it is crucial that you confirm that their interests do not clash with your company’s ideologies.

Always view their LinkedIn profile too. By doing so, you eliminate any concerns about their experience. People tend to be more honest on LinkedIn, since their past, present and potential employees can see their experiences and skills.


Do headhunt

If you are looking to recruit the most experienced and professional candidates, there is very high chance that they will already be employed. Headhunting can help attract the brightest talent to your organisation — if you offer a package that’s better than their existing one!

Do get a recruitment CRM system

Building relationships with your potential candidates is key to success. If you have a particularly strong pool of applicants, you may struggle to whittle it down to just one position. Keeping the unsuccessful but similarly strong candidates’ details on record means you are able to contact them when a similar position arises. A quality recruitment CRM software package will provide a central bank of information to help you do this easily.


By Grace, October 26, 2015
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