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Here’s What it Takes to Be a Full Time Lifestyle Blogger

  • December 10, 2014
  • By Grace
Here’s What it Takes to Be a Full Time Lifestyle Blogger

The rewards and benefits of becoming a full time blogger are definitely worthwhile, but many don’t know what it takes or how to get started. Being a successful blogger is not as easy as it sounds and will require a certain level of dedication and passion for what you are blogging about. Here are 5 characteristics of what it takes to make the change into a lifestyle of full time blogging.


Technical Ability

Having a blog means that your job is inherently technical and deals with internet marketing. The internet is constantly changing and it’s so important to keep up to speed with the latest trends that are occurring. Taking the time to learn about important internet related topics like search engine optimisation, social media and content marketing are vital and will ensure your success. Knowing not only the marketing aspects of hosting a blog, but even coding skills will help give you an edge. Making a dynamic blog that features excellent content and functionality will attract visitors, getting your blog started on the right path. Problogger is a great place to start.

Soft Skills

If you are a people person, the soft skills tend to come naturally to you. That is you are an effective communicator, you like to network and be social. Having a great writing style can be considered a technical ability, however, hosting a blog doesn’t mean you need to be the best writer. In fact, being able to write plainly and sounding casual helps to create a better connection with your audience when it comes to blogging. Readers want to hear your voice and know who it is they are creating a dialogue with, putting your personality in your writing and engaging your audience frequently are some of the soft skills required for full time blogging.



As previously mentioned, getting a blog started takes a considerable amount of work and can even be a challenge when motivation is concerned. Having a passion for what you write about is an absolute must. When you do what you love, you will find others that will want to hear your opinion and share their thoughts with you. So if you don’t have 1,000 subscribers at the end of your first month, don’t get discouraged. Give it some time and your audience will soon grow.


Being an innovator is not always an easy thing to do but can mean the difference between a highly successful blog and one that struggles. If your blog’s focus is on writing about a topic that is very competitive, find something that makes your blog unique and how you can give value to your readers. There are plenty of ways to be innovative with even the most basic topics, you just have to put your mind to it and keep writing!


Starting up any business is a risky endeavour, especially if you have nothing to fall back on. If you have been unsuccessful in getting a business loan for startups or have sought to go it alone, then it is especially important to get some money saved up and stowed away for when it will get tight. Because it most certainly will get lean at some point. Of course, what most do is start their blog as a sideline so that they maintain a steady income from their job and then as it grows over time, you can gradually get more involved until it is your full time gig.

By Grace, December 10, 2014
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