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Urban Garden Designs – Less is More

  • January 5, 2015
  • By Grace
Urban Garden Designs – Less is More

If you are lucky enough to have an urban home with a garden and are wondering what to do with it this article is for you. Here we look at the idea of creating a minimalist urban garden. This kind of garden is not only beautiful and functional it is relatively easy to maintain.

So, first what are the principles of minimalist urban landscaping? Understanding this will give you some great ideas.

Simple and elegant

A minimalist landscape is simple. It features clean lines. Usually, a feature like a statue, pool or a special plant is framed by the landscape.

In larger spaces, paths, walls and fences can be used to divide the area into smaller visual parcels. This effectively turns a large space into areas that can easily be taken in by the human eye. A bit like a painting or picture can.

Often a minimalist garden will include seating, which is positioned to allow you to see certain areas of the garden in the way it was intended. This allows you to appreciate the landscape almost in the same way you would a work of art.


Japanese gardens are a great example of a minimalist landscape the fits in well in an urban environment. In a Japanese garden gravel and stones are normally used.

However, there is no reason to restrict yourself to these materials in your urban minimalist garden. You can achieve a minimalist look using grass interspersed with a statue, tree, pond or other visually pleasing item.

Practical steps for creating your minimalist space

The first step is the design. It is important to take your time and really think about your design.

Getting the design right

Our recommendation is to use garden design software to allow you to map everything out. This gives you the chance to make sure that you have the right space for every activity you are planning to use your garden for. You also need to make sure the plants you are planning for your garden can grow where you want to plant them.

Preparing the ground

Your next step is to remove anything you do not want from the garden. The best approach is to hire a skip. You can find the best deals by using, which allows you to search by area and compare prices.

Any plants that you want to keep can be potted up and moved out of the way. If possible, store any garden furniture and materials you plan to reuse away from the garden you are overhauling.


Now you have a clean canvas you can create your minimalist garden. It is far easier to work in an area that has been completely cleared. It is important to execute your design in a precise and clean way working in an uncluttered area makes it easier to do this.

Maintaining your minimalist garden

With a minimalist design you need to keep your garden in good order, but if you do it right it will not take up more than an hour or two per week to maintain. You need to keep the lines between the different elements of your garden clean and make sure that, over time. The materials do not bleed together. For example, if you use gravel the edges of the design need to be kept crisp and clean. Your feature plant, statue, rock or pond also needs to be well maintained. Remember it is the focal point of your garden.

If you want an unusual, yet beautiful, tranquil outdoor space a minimalist urban landscape is definitely worth considering.


By Grace, January 5, 2015
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