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How Does Beacon Resources’ Placement Procedure Work?

  • February 8, 2018
  • By Grace
How Does Beacon Resources’ Placement Procedure Work?

When filling financial services and accounting jobs, accuracy in candidate selection is a must. That’s why Beacon Resources works with candidates throughout an extensive screening process that ensures matching to the right employer and the right job for just the right candidate.

Initial Review and Interview

The process beings once you submit your resume. An expert placement and recruitment specialist will review your resume and determine if you’re a match for any current positions. Once you’ve been entered into the talent database, then you’re called in for an interview.

Career Planning and Goal Setting

During initial interviews and conversations, your recruitment expert will discuss your career goals. You’ll shape a firm plan for where you see your career going, and how Beacon Resources can get you there.


References and Background Check

On passing your initial screening, Beacon Resources will conduct a background check to verify your information, then speak with your resources to discuss and confirm your qualifications and skills.

Candidate Matching and Profiling

Once you’ve passed initial criteria, you will then be matched against available openings to determine the right fit for you. Your candidate profile will be used to pre-select you as a viable candidate for competitive positions.

Pre-Screening and Interviews

On matching with particular clients, prior to client interviews you will interview with Beacon Resources’ specialists, working with account managers who are intimately familiar with employer needs. This pre-screening process ensures that not only your skills, but your working style and career methods are the best match for the selected employers.

Client Introduction, Selection, and Placement

Once you’ve passed the complete screening process, you’re one of the few elite candidates left who are then selected to meet the client. Each client has their own series of interviews and screening processes, but Beacon Resources will be with you to coach you, prepare you, and guide you through the selection process — and the relationship doesn’t end there.

You will always have access to financial headhunters and recruiters to follow up on your placement and ensure both you and the client are satisfied.Get started today to begin your personalized job search.

By Grace, February 8, 2018
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