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Interior design tips to transform your home and your life

  • February 7, 2018
  • By Grace
Interior design tips to transform your home and your life

You might habitually add a few neat flourishes here and there to your home’s appearance; think strategically placing a few cushions on the sofa or repainting a wall in a new colour. However, such changes might not always be sufficient for dramatically altering your experience in that home.

Yes, there are some ways in which you can tweak your residential interior to bring about such change; here are some examples of how interior design can make a delightfully big difference.

Lighten up… the colour of cramped-looking rooms

Decorating particularly small spaces, such as lofts and spare rooms, can be arduous on account of their size. However, by painting those spaces in bright colours, you can cultivate the illusion of more space. Light grey can be surprisingly lifting, as Red shows in a photograph of a room with this hue.

Modestly-sized spaces also tend to get little light; however, a lantern roof could rectify that issue through letting in a higher amount of natural light. Bi Fold Shop can install such roofs anywhere in the UK.


This is an art attack… on white walls

The textile designer Peter Dunham has been quoted as saying that, if your walls are painted white, you should also use them to display art. We find it hard to disagree; after all, the actual walls can look akin to blank canvases, making them fitting backdrops to beautiful artistic pieces.

One idea is to make a space’s appearance deliberately monochrome – with, for example, black lamps and other decorations – and attach framed typography, in black, to the walls.

Be a lean, green, interior designing machine

With large items of furniture such as tables and sofas often attracting the lion’s share of our focus, we can be left paying little attention to the corners of various rooms. You could find this to be the case even in rooms that are often bustling, like the kitchen.

However, fresh plants of various sizes and textures could look especially good in those corners. Don’t fret if some of the plants look overgrown; it can all help make the splashes of green more appealing.

Mix it up with colours, patterns and prints

A uniform design can often simply bore too easily. Even if you keep the same pattern, you could still change the colour underneath the headboard and so make that colour the focus, as advised on the Ideal Home Show website. With other aesthetic aspects left simple, that colour can especially strongly stand out.

Open up for a more industrial look

If you have a lot of beautiful homeware, it would be a pity to hide it behind cabinet doors. Therefore, endeavour to keep both your shelving space and cabinets open – and so allow more pots and pans to be admired. Copper and brass pans have particularly come into fashion recently.

They can also help you to give your kitchen a highly industrial style which could also be cultivated through the display of tough materials like concrete, painted enamel and reclaimed timber.

By Grace, February 7, 2018
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