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Satisfying Service – Why Serviced Offices Can Take Your Business To The

  • August 30, 2018
  • By Grace
Satisfying Service – Why Serviced Offices Can Take Your Business To The

Malaysia has a lot going on right now with its government hashing out details of an agreement with China and with Singapore looking to pour money into the country. A long favourite of foreign investments, Malaysia stands to benefit greatly from both situations. While the two countries have always traded, the influx of much of this funding will go into the manufacturing sector and positively impact SMEs.

SMEs in Malaysia are poised to make lucrative gains and raise their profiles on the world stage. However, part of getting to the next level involves creating an environment that promotes business growth. One factor in promoting business growth is maximising your office space, and for many businesses looking to do this, the serviced office can be the go-to space for your outfit.

Let’s take a closer look at how the serviced office can take your businesses to the next level.


In terms of money spent on overheads every month, businesses save a lot of money. Because businesses typically get a fully-furnished office and the use of standard office equipment, they save money on not having to furnish and supply utilities and other amenities. Furthermore, many of these plans come with access to corporate meeting and conference rooms. To learn about how one serviced office works, click on the following link



An added advantage to using serviced offices is that many of them are fit out in the finest buildings close to downtown centres. Usually, these areas are very affluent districts and the costs of rents are high simply because the real estate is attractive. For a business to open up space in downtown Kuala Lumpur, they would spend a lot of money on overhead in just leasing the office space, forget providing the other necessities.

The serviced office, alternatively, provides your business with access to the downtown area, in addition to valuable sources of foot traffic. This gives your business increased visibility, while also presenting a professional image to the public. With an office in a prestigious location, you are sure to impress clients.

Support Staff

In addition to the standard office amenities, your serviced office provider in Malaysia includes support staff to help with many of the tasks related to running an office. Professionally-trained receptionists can take calls throughout the business day, and many of these receptionists are bilingual. When the office is closed, businesses can access messages from a twenty-four-hour messaging service.

In addition to providing receptionists, these outfits also provide top-quality internet services. The serviced office not only provides great internet capabilities, but many of these fit outs provide staff that can help with any technical issues. Just in terms of having access to the support that can make an outfit run smoothly, businesses benefit from not having to worry about peripheral issues that can snag a business if not addressed.


With all of the support needed to run a business and the access to downtown areas, businesses can draw from the resources within the local business community. Because many of these offices share floor space with each other, it is not uncommon for your business to informally network with others in the building. Whether it is accessing information or finding mentors, being close to the downtown centre has its advantages in giving your business access.

Achieving Success Through Your Serviced Office

The serviced office in Kuala Lumpur or any of the country’s locations can help your business achieve many of its goals. It is a convenient, inexpensive way to lease office space. More than just providing a place to work, the serviced office provides your business with proximity to resources and other businesses, which can raise your venture’s profile.

By Grace, August 30, 2018
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