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The Digital CEO’s Guide To Web Hosting

  • August 22, 2018
  • By Grace
The Digital CEO’s Guide To Web Hosting

There are a growing number of digital CEOs creating online businesses from the comfort of home or while traveling the world. In fact, 69 percent of startups are started from home.

This growing trend is part of the digital nomad movement many Millennials are all for. Who wants to punch the cubicle clock and make someone else rich anyways?

From lifestyle blogger to ecommerce tycoon, there are caveats of becoming a successful digital CEO. Since you are a CEO of a 100 percent online business, you need to have a powerful online presence.

To have that powerful presence that catalyzes online growth and success, you need to know a bit more about running an online only business. Knowledge is certainly power, especially since the leading cause of startup failure is incompetence.

One of the most important aspects of your online business is website hosting. Without a professional hosting service, you can run into uptime issues, slow site speed, security problems, and more.

Here’s a quick guide all about the different website hosting services you can use to ensure you’re providing the best user experience possible.


Digital CEO Hosting Service #1: Shared

Shared website hosting is the most affordable and most common for any digital CEO to start an online business with. You may even have a shared hosting plan right now if you have already started your online business.

Shared hosting is fine, but in some instances it can do more harm than good when it comes to user experience. The main issue with shared hosting is that it is in fact “shared.” This can cause site problems in the short and long-term.

For example, if you have shared hosting you’re potentially lumped together with hundreds of other sites on a single server. This means you’ll be sharing space, bandwidth, and other server components.

If you’re sharing a server with a large, popular website or two, you may experience uptime problems and slow page load times, because the larger websites on the shared server are sucking up all the power. In fact, a single hour of downtime can cost a company in excess of $100,000.

Digital CEO Hosting Service #2: VPS

The next step up from shared hosting is VPS, or virtual private server hosting. The difference between shared hosting and VPS is all about the server space you receive by going with a VPS hosting service.

Essentially, VPS acts as a single server, but is really a group of servers working together. And VPS provides your online business website with a dedicated space on a server. This means you won’t need to jockey for server space with other websites, even the larger ones.

This is important. Your website can significantly decrease uptime problems, slow site speed issues, and more potential shared hosting pitfalls. Employing a virtual private server for your online business is also still affordable.

Digital CEO Hosting Service #3: Cloud

Digital CEOs are up-to-date on the latest tech trends, and cloud technology and services is one of these tech trends that extends to hosting services. Cloud website hosting is still a bit new, but it is making waves in the hosting space.

There are a few benefits to cloud hosting that can impact your on online business, like scalable space and functionality, enhanced security, no physical server to get hacked, latest data monitoring, and more.

With a cloud hosting service you usually don’t need to worry about server space, like in the case of shared hosting and VPS hosting. Your site’s server is in the cloud and can be scaled as needed.

The ability to scale is important, especially if you plan on having fast, exponential growth. For instance, if you have a built in following prior to launching your online business, you are likely to experience fast growth and lots of traffic, making a scalable hosting service an asset when it’s time to expand server capabilities.

In Conclusion . . .

With professional web hosting services in place for your online business, the sky is indeed the limit. Digital CEOs can now heed the entrepreneurial calling with vigor, since everything you need to start an online business is readily available.

Ensure your website is providing the best user experience possible and leverage all the tools needed to take your online business to successful levels, whether you’re sitting on your sofa or hotel abroad.

What website hosting service works best for your digital CEO goals? We want to hear your perspective, insight, and what new entrepreneurs can do to be highly successful.

By Grace, August 22, 2018
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