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The 3 Signs Of Mindful Property Investments For A Minimal Lifestyle

  • August 10, 2017
  • By Grace
The 3 Signs Of Mindful Property Investments For A Minimal Lifestyle

Just because you aspire to a simple and minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean that you can’t be a winner in the property investment game too. Property investments and minimalist lifestyle might sound like two enemies. But hear us out before you make up your mind. The main issue with property investment is that it is pictured as another materialistic step in a society of consumption. But in reality, you can choose to acquire properties with a greater purpose that serves others too. Buying for the sake of owning is exactly what The Modernist rejects. But buying to give a new purpose and to improve for the greater good creates a different social balance. You don’t use property ownership to define yourself, but you focus on the impact of the property on others instead. Mindful property investments are all it takes to forget consumption and focus on community.


Renovate and decorate


You care for your tenants

When you rent out a property, you provide a home for a family who can’t afford to buy a house. As a landlord, you are in charge of keeping the property safe by performing the necessary maintenance works and ensuring that the house is insured. Most rented properties are self-sufficient and don’t generate a positive return – in other words, you don’t have to pay taxes. Indeed, landlords use the rent to pay for the necessary maintenance work, so that the house or flat finances itself. It can seem difficult to accuse landlords of maximizing their capital when all they do is providing a home to those who need it.


You’ve invested in a green home

Mindful living has as much to do with the way you treat others than your efforts to create a better world. And a better world, believe it or not, starts with your home. It’s not uncommon for homes to consume a lot of energy to maintain a comfortable temperature, and keep all electric systems and devices working. You might just think that it’s a cost you are ready to pay for your comfort, but it’s more than just energy bill. Our energy consumption has a dramatic impact on the planet. So how about looking for new homes that are built just for you and that can use the latest eco-friendly materials? Build new is a lot cheaper than trying to turn an old property into an environment-friendly home.


You buy to renovate

The main problem with old homes is that they can cost a lot of money and time if you want to renovate them. That’s why most people prefer to rent until they are ready to buy a newer property. But with a bit of care and love, you can transform an old place into a comfortable nest. Look at the story of these guys who transformed an old garage into a cozy country cottage, using free items and reclaimed materials. Over the course of 6 months and $2,000 later, they’ve built themselves the perfect home. An inspiring example for everyone who wants to give a new life to old things.


As surprising as it might sound, there is such a thing as mindful property investment. It’s about your investment for the benefits of others.

By Grace, August 10, 2017
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