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What To Buy For The Man In Your Life

  • March 29, 2017
  • By Grace
What To Buy For The Man In Your Life

It may be three months after Christmas but the truth is that gift buying is a quest that most of us spend the whole of the year on, whether it’s for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or any other celebrations that happen to fall. Men are notoriously difficult to buy for – whether it’s your dad, your brother or your partner, it’s difficult to know what exactly you should splash out on for special occasions. The most important thing is to think about his hobbies and what he’d like – and here are some tips to help you out…


If your recipient loves music then of course concert tickets are probably the best option of all, whether you’re going to go along with him or you’ve bought tickets for him to go with another friend (maybe you just aren’t prepared to sit through a whole night of the jangly country music that your dad loves!). If you aren’t sure which concert tickets to buy – who can say what nights your recipient might be free? – then you could always buy a gift card to a ticket website so he can pick his own.

If he loves music then there’s also plenty of memorabilia that you could splash out on. Check out eBay and Amazon for any merchandise that you could purchase, or maybe even the artist’s website for more official merch. You could also get some music recommendations for people who love that artist so that you could introduce your recipient to some more musicians! Finally, if someone really loves a musician then they’re usually interested in the genre too – so why not consider getting a book on the history of motown or R&B or jazz? Your recipient will be reading it for hours.


If you’re buying a gift for a recipient who’s really into style, you might just have to be careful to get something that you know they’ll like. Style and fashion are very individual things, but luckily if you’ve spent enough time with your recipient then you’ll probably be pretty familiar with what they’re into. Boots and jackets are always great gifts for your partner (along with a gift receipt if they don’t fit properly!) and leather bags that can be used for years and just look better with age are a great gift for pretty much any man. If it’s a special birthday then why not splash out on an item of jewelry? Frost NYC gold chains are pretty popular among younger men, and a nice watch would be a great idea for your dad. You could even get the date and a favourite quote engraved on the back to commemorate the occasion.

Another good thing to focus on in the area of style is grooming, which is becoming more and more popular, particularly in younger men. Get a beard grooming kit if your recipient is fond of his facial hair – this could consist of trimmers, wax and maybe even moisturiser to keep it sleek. If you really aren’t sure what to get then you could always go for an aftershave – make sure that it’s one you like, particularly if it’s for your partner, because chances are you’ll be smelling it a lot! Finally, if you’re really in doubt about what smaller gift you should buy, then go for socks. You might have dreaded receiving them as a child but as you get older, there’s nothing better.


If your recipient is really into arts and culture then there’s really nothing better to buy him than a pass for your nearest art gallery, particularly if you live in a city that’s renowned for its art scene. If that isn’t quite the case for you then why not keep an eye out for any shows, like theatre or ballet or opera, that might be in your area in the near future, and purchase tickets? Chances are, if your recipient is artistic, then they’ll enjoy having their mind opened to any new experiences.

A lot of men are also pretty interested in history, which will give you a wealth of gift ideas to dig through. Local history is always interesting – look out for a book about any local rambles or walks that your dad might enjoy. If there’s a particular era he’s interested in like the Second World War or the Russian Revolution, get the most recent history book on it that’s only just come out, although make sure you check the reviews first to ensure it’s a good one! Finally, if you’re at a loss about what to buy, get Band Of Brothers on DVD. It’s a Spielberg classic.


Let’s face it: a lot of men love their cars. No one’s saying that you should splash out on a brand new Mercedes for your partner unless you’re a millionaire but if you’ve noticed that your recipient loves driving and motoring then a car related gift would be absolutely perfect for them. First of all, ask them if there are any changes they wish they could make to their car – maybe they want a new stereo or speakers, and you could be the person to give that to them! You could also consider how to keep their car clean and buy them monogrammed foot mats that you’ve got personalised, or maybe a blanket to sling over the back seat if they have a dog who likes to sit there or any muddy sports gear that they might throw into the back seat.

If they love driving then why not get them a gift experience? You could take them go-karting or even give them an experience day of getting to drive super expensive cars around. To go alongside it, you could give them a book about their favourite racing driver or their favourite car make – and if that fails, why not purchase a copy of Senna on DVD? Not only is it about one of the best drivers of all time but it’s also an incredible movie that people who aren’t into driving will love too.

By Grace, March 29, 2017
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